Hiatus Hernia

Anyone out there suffer with a Hiatus Hernia?

I am having a serious problem breathing on long distance runs due to the limited movement of the diaphram and the acid reflux is so bad it brings me to a slow walk. I can neither drink nor eat which is obviously not good.

I really need to find a way through it. Any advice wold be good.


  • I have a Hiatus Hernia Lincsman, I have suffered with it for nearly 22 years. I take a prescribed medicine 30mg Lansoprazole one each morning and Im fine with that. No acid reflux (except if I eat the wrong things mainly Chillis so I dont) and no heartburn.

    How was your HH diagnosed? Ive been on the sword swallowing course twice (camera down my throat). But I have to say when I have never had breathing difficulties ever with my HH even when the Docs have tried me on lower doses.

    What medication are you on? When my medication changed to Lansoprazole I couldnt take any medication for something like a week to let the other medication clear my system, so I had to rely on Gaviscon. Not a cure but it does help.

    Anything minty will help, Polos, Mint tea, hell Ive even eaten toothpaste as a stop gap. If you are not on medication I would suggest you get to the docs as soon as as the long term effects of this can mean that your stomach acid can errode the oesosphgus (not good). But if you do have a HH and its that bad why had your doc not got you on tablets like me?

    Tablets like these help to reduce the acid in your stomach but it still needs some careful diet watching and if you smoke that doesnt help. I noticed hell of a difference when I stopped smoking.

    Hope that helps a tad anyway image

  • Thanks Rodeo,

    I don't really suffer wth acid reflux and heartburn. My issue is that I get a real pain in the hernia area on long runs coupled with a massive bloated feeling. I believe the breathing problem comes from the interference with my diaphram. Because the hernia is above the diaphram it is limiting my capacity to breath. The real annoyance is that it only really kicks in at about 15 miles.

    I did a XC marathon last week, got through half way at 1:37 and then at around 15/16 miles I had to start walking as my stomach was so cramped. I ended up walking the last 6 miles because my breathing was so shallow.

    I have been given Lansoprazole and yes they get rid of the acid but they do not seem to have an effect on the cramped feeling in my upper stomach area.

    I had one endoscopy last year and to be quite honest I have more faith in Gordon Brown advising me, hence I am back with the problem worsened a year later. My GP has told me to take the tabs for 2 weeks and then we will look at the next course of action. Probably another endoscopy and a long wait for nothing!

    Did you know that you are only supposed to be on Lanso' for 2 weeks?

  • Over the last three years I have ben experiencing  episodes of dull pain under the ribs after 10 or 20 minutes running hard and serious loss of performance down to walking pace.

     Often happens when running down hill and feeling each footfall jolt below my ribs also after a couple of hill running falls and winding. No significant digestive problems and tried Omniprazole without any noticeable improvement. After two minutes rest sometimes able to resume as if it never happened but totally random episodes but annoyingly often in races.  

    Heart function and ECG appear normal. 64 years old and I know my mother had hiatus hernia. Wary of self diagnosis but coming round to the view that something is affecting heart, lungs and diaphram from lower down. Any advice?

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