doubt sets in

Never free of doubt or guilt for long! Thanks to lots of advice from hereabouts I seem to have got the hang of this running. Not that I'm doing marathons, I'm just thinking that I might manage a whole 5k quite soon. The breakthrough came when I managed to achieve a pace that I could sustain for 3 miles without thinking I was going to die. Trouble is now I'm riddled with guilt incase this means it's too slow to be doing me any good! I cover 3 miles in slightly under half an hour (which is probably no slower than when I ran too fast to keep it up and then had to walk, I'm just a slightly better colour now). Should I be building up the time I'm running for or pushing myself to feel like my heart's working harder. I look forward to the first option, I'm not sure I can carry on getting out of bed for the second. (I think I've just answered my own question)


  • 10 minute miling is very good, as EP says, pat yerself on the back, many people cannot do that sort of pace for 3 miles!

    Just an idea for the 5k, but why don't you keep at that pace for 2 and a 1/2 miles and hack it for the last bit?
  • i run marathons
    And 10 mon miling is FAST

    Course its doing you good
  • Well I agree with all the others 10 min miling is good, don't have any guilt, if I could go that fast I would be over the moon!

  • hear hear Bodjit
  • Hi Keeptrying

    I echo what has been said already. Of course it doing you good and in no time you will see your self running the same distance faster.

    When I started 9 1/2 months ago I ran 3/3.5 miles in around 50 minutes.

    Two weeks ago I ran a 10K in 43:17. 7 min/miles. I had given everything in that race and could not have held that pace for much longer but I was totally supprised and chuffed with my time.

    Keep up the good work.

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