Epsom Oddballs Perch XI 6.25



  • I really enjoyed this race today. I thought it was very well organised and really appreciated the encouragement from the marshals.

    After reading comments about this course being very challenging I wasn’t expecting to get close to my PB 10k time, but somehow I managed to set a new one! Was well chuffed!

    That short but really steep hill at the about 5 miles in really caught me out. I was starting to pick up the pace a bit knowing the end was near, then when I came out the trees and saw that hill I realised I should have waited a little later for my surge!

    I will be back for this one next year image

  • I ran The Perch for the first time today as part of my marathon training and enjoyed it.  But looking at the results on Sports Systems I am not there.

    I was number 233 and finished around 1hr 15.  When I crossed the time my chip didn't beep.  I mentioned it to the lady collecting the tags after the finish and she walked back to wave it over the two mats and eventually went and spoke to some chaps in a car.  When she came back she said that it did not beep.  I just assumed that someone else would be doing manual checks.

    Please can you look at it.  Having run the course I would like a placing. image

  • Yaffles

    My e-mail is enabled.  Can you send me your details and I'll forward to sportsystems for investigation.

    Really glad you all enjoyed it.  image

    Amazing day for it... the photos from Sussex Sport photography will be up here shortly

  • Golden oldie - I was in a blue top.  At least it wasn't only me!!  Hope the other was OK too.

    It didn't affect my run too much - I got a new PB!!  Hope you got a good time.

  • Happychap.  I have emailed you.  Thanks for your help.
  • Good job as usual by Epsom Oddballs in putting on another great event.  Thanks to you all.

    Nowhere near a pb for me but about what I expected for recent (lack of) training.

  • Hi guys the Race photos now online and indexed with your race numbers...


     Yaffles - 233 - you're defo in there and your time is being sorted out...

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