trouble sleeping

Yep, I would love some advice on this. I can't keeo resorting to sleeping pills or large quantities of wine every time I run a decent pace over a distance of greater than 8 miles. For example, I ran the leeds half last sunday, had finished by 11:45am, and the body, though feeling knackered, never calmed down - even after a bottle of red wine in the evening!

So what should I do? Afternoon naps have been considered, but so far I have found them to make the problem worse than better, although I am willing to try again if enough people recommend it! And of course I could try running at dawn or something, but that won't be possible every time.


  • Lavender
  • maybe you need a realaxation programme - and cut out all stimulants - tea,coffee, chocolate etc after about 6pm, try a warm bath , read or listen to relaxing music try not to work too late, or use the pc late

    dont eat too late either and dont do stimulating workouts before bed, dont watch tv in bed just use it for sleep

    try a relaxation routine - there are loads to calm you physically and mentally, yoga is good and the poses will help you stretch and relieve tension
  • ok i may look into the yoga stuff then - I don't have any stimulants at all in my diet, although I did also wonder whether my attempts to keep the blood sugar levels up were too successful!

    Thanks for the tip about eating as well.

    Part of the problem may be that I do a PhD and thus normally work in the evening anyway. hmmmm, some trial and error may have to be done!
  • oops, I shouldn't have said 'at all' there! I meant I don't eat choc or drink tea or coffee anyway. I am sure I must be doing stuff to keep the body 'active'...hohum...
  • Book in for a massage after a race - preferbly in late afternoon or evening. Some people find float tanks very relaxing too.
    I often have the same problem and find all of the things Bune suggested to be a help also.
    My dad was a serious runner for many years and practiced transindental meditation and swore by it.
    Good luck!
  • Meditation?! Woah...hadn't thought of that! But I will keep it in mind if the rest doesn't work very well. As it happens a housemate has just bought a pack which helps you do yoga exercises at home (lots of diagrams etc), so I will give those a go. Thanks for the tips and the luck!
  • meditation doesnt have to be 'religious' its about clearing the mind of all the junk and 'chatter' that can keep us awake because its hard to relax and shut off enuff - a bit like watching something exciting and then not being able to get it out

    there are lots of simple techniques

    i have a light and sound thing that plays ( a quite realistic sounding) ocean surf sound and it is very soothing - there are others available and tapes and cds of sea sounds or other soothing sounds that are good for unwinding and relaxing to

    the radio is also a good idea too
  • Ian

    I'm exactly the same and have been so for years. I've tried everything you can think of and it hasn't made a bit of difference. I've come to accept the fact that I guess I don't need that much sleep. You are not alone!!
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