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Hi all,

I am new here, and new to running actually, and I wondered it it might be useful to have a thread for people to post links to their running blogs? I'd certainly like to read more than I do, so I'll kick it off with the link to mine:

2 more sleeps until the BUPA Great South Run!!!!



  • Hmmmm - I just don't find reading strangers' training logs interesting.

    I certainly don't imagine anyone would be interested in the dull details of my running life!

  • Wilkie - clearly you haven't read this bloke

    He doesn't post much and he's injured atm image but he's an absolutely awesome writer. 

  • Sophie - I had a read, but it didn't do much for me.  As a description of the day of the race it was OK, but that's not what most blogs are like, I think?

    Really, is anyone interested in how far/fast someone they've never met ran on a wet Thursday evening in Doncaster? 

  • personal blogs are all a bit "me me me"

    the modern equivalent of a diary - but read by anyone

    unless you're the writer or someone close to them then they're about as dull as ditchwater

  • Christ Wilkie, it seems that every thread I see you post on, you're very negative and keen to criticise. Firstly you can't stand people getting excited about their marathon entries, and now you see no need for others to read running blogs. I'm sure if I checked your back-posts I'd find more handy examples. Just lighten up and if you can't think of anything nice to say, feel free to button it.

    Personally I'm really interested in running blogs, although I'll admit overly verbose posts are about as interesting as dispassionate logs of distance and time. It is however a great source of motivation and encouragement to follow someone's progress, especially if you can liken it to your own struggles. 

    When I did the training for the first marathon I was definitely spurred on by watching some training videos of a guy who did it the year before, and it's that which compelled me to do the same for my training this year. It's self motivating and I hope it helps to motivate others. 

    My blog is located in my title, and I'm more than happy to read everyone else's, so please post away. 

  • We already seem to have a lot of me me me peeps on the forum already !!!

    Why blog when you can start a new thread of how well you've done in a race or how fast your pb is

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I've always thought that bloggers are like the guy who stands at the end of the bar in the pub talking to himself. Granted, one or two are worth looking at, but only one or two. As soon as I see someone on the telly captioned as a blogger, I switch off.
  • It seems really odd to me to criticise people for blogging. Criticise the writing itself if you find it dull, of course, or criticise the person's opinions or training methods or whatever if you disagree with them, by all means - they're putting their stuff out in the public domain and hterefore laying it open to criticism. But surely if you find blogs per se dull, the simple solution is not to read them?
  • And it must be a very exhausting way to live your life is you feel irresistably compelled to verbally criticise everything you don't like. The simpler solution would just be to keep your trap shut, and that's aside from the fact that it's good to encourage people even if they have the writing talents of a spider.
  • Er, yes, Sophie.  That's why I don't read them.

    I didn't criticise anyone for blogging, I just said that I didn't find it interesting to read them.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Dear Petedaddy and Sophie

    This is a public forum. Anyone can comment. Not all of the comments will please you. Such is life. Get over it.



  • Dear Muttley,

    Many people choose to write running blogs and then publicise them on a public running forum. Not all of the blogs will please you. Such is life. Get over it.

    Less love,


  • I like this blog, it's the best of it's kind around these parts - very informative.  If you're not au faix with the local running scene this is indispensable and it's not 'me, me, me' like a lot of other blogs I've seen. image
  • Sorry guys, I hadn't wanted to start an argument!

    I only started running this July, and it is a new found passion for me! As such, I feel like I want to chart my progress in words, mainly for me, but many others have said that they enjoy reading my blog as well.

    I found an American dude's blog through a Google search and I really enjoyed reading it. He may be thousands of miles away, and a stranger, but I am trying to improve every aspect of my running and by listening to people who are more advanced I find it helps and interests in equal measure.

    I guess I agree with the stance that if you don't like reading or writing blogs, then this thread probably isn't for you. If you do, post away and let's share the wonderful experience of running between us.

    All the best,

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Dear Petedaddy

    I have no problem with people publicizing their blogs. I just find such blogs tedious. That's just me. You have a problem with that, but I couldn't give a shit. I'm bored, so last word to you.


    (not xxx this time but a manly no-pelvic-contact backslapping hug if you want it)

  • Muttley - "As soon as I see someone on the telly captioned as a blogger, I switch off." That's a bit silly, isn't it? Dismissing someone's opinion just because they happen to write on a blog? Kind of like saying "All runners are arrogant wankers," which I can't imagine would go down terrbly well.
  • That's as may be, Sophie, but I tend to do the same as Muttley.  After all, the world and his wife are bloggers these days.

    The trouble with blogs is that anyone, whatever their writing talent, can start one and the few that I've had a look at have been uninteresting.  That's why I don't bother any more.

    I'm sure the details of my training, if I wrote a blog about them, would be as dull to strangers.  That's why I don't do it! image

    The only one I look at regularly is written by someone I know, so I have a personal interest.  And he writes well.

  • Wilkie, I absolutely agree. But because you and I and most other people are disinclined to read boring drivel, for a blogger to be quoted as an expert in the field of running or budgie-keeping or whatever on the strength of their blog, it would need ot have been pretty well and credibly written and amassed quite a wide readership over quite a long period.

    If you've never found a blog you've enjotyed reading that's fair enough, but it seems a bit close-minded to dismiss the entire genre on the strength of that. 

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Must admit I tend to veer towards the sentiments of Wilkie, Mutts & FB. Can't find the thought of reading somebody else's diary too appealing.
    Sophie - I'm sure you're right that one or two maybe OK, but I'd suggest that by and large not everyone is a great writer (or even an interesting writer). However in the interests of fairness I have been reading Mike's from the OP, Pete's and the one in Sophie's link. Sorry to say my original thoughts totally vindicated, yet each to their own, if you want to create a blog, fine by me, I'll choose to ignore it. 
    Oh one thing, Mike, good luck at the GSR, its a nice run, but ditch the ipod, not needed in races.....hang on , I'm sure there is a thread about ipods somewhere....

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Sophie, thankyou for voicing such thoughts on my behalf but I can assure you that I am quite capable of speaking for myself.

    Now, ignoring those who dislike being disagreed with for a moment, here is why I tend not to read blogs. As Wilkie says, the world and his missus are bloggers now and most of it is, to my mind, pointless meandering. Me me me. That's fine if you like that kind of thing but I don't. It's no big deal, I just don't go in for it.

    Secondly, I work in the media and I like to know who's telling me things as they tell me them. When I read a newspaper I know where it's coming from. Eg, I know not to believe anything about the BBC that I read in a Murdoch outlet. I know that the Telegraph is pro-Tory. And so on. It gets harder with websites but not impossible. And bloggers are just random people putting out their own stuff, grinding axes or not as the case may be.

    Some blogs are very well-written. Most are not, imho, so I choose not to partake. But I have no problem with those who do.

  • "but it seems a bit close-minded to dismiss the entire genre on the strength of that"

    I've tried reading Emily Bronte and her ilk but the style of writing bores the shit out of me - am I wrong to dismiss the entire genre of that style of writing?? in my mind I am but I'm sure that some English Lit academic whose life depends on that genre would like to take issue with me

    same with blogging - some you like, some you don't

    personal blogs are tedious and dull ime - very few I've read (and not just running ones) have ever been interesting....but If people want to write them that's their call.

    shite - I even tried starting one myself a couple of years ago but bored myself shitless in less than a page....

    there are good blogs I read but they tend to be technology and business related and are good for information that I glean for my day job
  • Muttley - who doesn't like being disagreed with? image

    In the field of polical blogs there's certainly bias, but surely you would learn from experience who is biased towards what? And anyway, any publication or blog can simply switch and back a different horse, like the Sun recently did with Labour. 

    FB - That's my point exactly, you say you read technology and business-related blogs, therefore you haven't dismissed the entire genre. I suppose had I said "the entire medium" that might have been more accurate. 

    I'm sure there aren't many people who want to read: "Today I ran 6 miles at 8mm pace and it was raining." "Today I had a rest." etc - but like most media, it's self-selecting - the crap ones just won't get read.


  • Oh, well, that explains a lot. Muttley fancies himself as some kind of 'media' person, giving him the hubris of a smug git who, if he actually had the capacity for perspective, would realise that his opinion is no more valid than that of the average person.

    As I touched on earlier, regardless of what you think of people's personal blogs, if you actually had some basic decency as a human you would either be supportive of a fellow runner regardless or content, or at least have the good manners to keep your fat, opinionated mouth shut. 

    Sadly not, it seems. It says far more about you than the bloggers themselves.

  • Wow, I never knew there was such hostility directed towards bloggers.  I've built up a nice little community since starting my running blog and have made friends I never would have met without it.

    I've got three blogs: a running one, a vegetarian one where I post recipes and one I've just started since commencing my latest OU course (which, admittedly, would bore anyone shitless were they not doing the course too).

  • Oh you really must read my running blog, it's very exciting, well ok, it's not a patch on ditch water I agree but it's all about me! image

    I like my blog as I can track my training easily, most of it is private but I share route information as that is my main interest. I like to find new runs and have an idea of what they are like.

    Are we not allowed to voice our opinions any more? Why is it so very wrong to say that we don't like something and give our reasons why without being attacked by those who disagree?

  • Link us up then bikermouse image
  • Nothing like digging up an old thread image Heres my blog. I post about my running progress here

    As a webdeveloper I also blog about my work and opinions on the subject.

    Merry xmas all image


    This is my blog. I'm new to blogging and would welcome any feedback.

    Please don't be too harsh.

  • Not my blog, but a current favourite...

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