Winter running closet

i've never spent time running outside in the winter, and now i'm training for brighton next april, i'll be doing just that, this winter.

i've bought myself a decent long sleeve vest-top thing (the sort of wicking material) and some legging things, plus i've got a hat, gloves and a very light kagoul type thing.

presumably i'll need another layer or two for the very cold days? have i missed anything?


  • Umbrella? image
  • Head torch for the evenings?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Yup, a head torch for either being seen or seeing. Or a hi-viz bib if you run in well-lit places.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Hi-viz is a must even if it starts in a pocket. Head torch is also carried.

    Hats, gloves & long legs to follow shortly...image

  • Socks - ideally merino or lambswool that keep your tootsies warm even when wet. Alternatively a pair of sealskinz waterproof socks, although it's hit and miss whether they fit you.

    Wearable LEDs - usually in an armband.

    Sunglasses for low winter sun ,especially if we get some snow to play out in again.

  • Vaseline to prevent  chapped lips and to smear just under your nostrils to stop it getting sore - and lots of other uses all year round.
  • Merino socks are fab. Dunno about sealskins - I sometimes wear them for long wet bike rides - but can't imagine running in them ? A cap is handy if its heavy rain too.
  • I think the main requirement for running in winter is a good windproof jacket. Doesn't have to be waterproof, you'll sweat enough and watch out for the amount of layers you wear, you warm up quite quickly with a jacket and it's best to start cool and finish hot rather than strip off and carry all the clothes because you're too warm soon after the start.

    If you run on the road, visibility is essential so the lights and stuff are a good idea remember to be seen from behind as well.

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