Advice needed urgently

cos I have msn.whatever and it is crap, small in box and never available when I want it.

Come on chaps, I need a reliable email jobbie which lets ne read it when I want to.

Its gotta be free though.

suggestions please!

Very angry Barkles indeed now!


  • know the problem. Instant messaging is working ok - so I know I've got 4 new emails - but I can't get into bl**dy hotmail. Torture for the 21st century. They're probably all from Homebase advertising 2% off ride-on lawnmowers if you get there between 8.04 and 8.07 on Saturday morning anyway, but...

    Apparently Eudora is free and excellent. No spam, either. I don't know if it has instant messaging though, I haven't tried it myself. Yahoo's free too, but as much spam as hotmail. Freeserve's free - but crap. if you're interested. It says something about downloading software, haven't looked too closely, but my brother seems to be able to access his eudora email from wherever he is.

  • now looked more closely, and it's like outlook, on your desktop rather than webmail.

    Guess not so good if you're surreptitiously trying to access email from work. Have no idea how my brother accesses it from his house and our parents'.
  • Goo5eGoo5e ✭✭✭
    Try the following, havent looked at the addresses but its some where to start

    msn search results
  • Who's your ISP? I use BTOpenWorld, and every lunchtime I log on to and access my email account from there. No matter how many times I view the emails in the inbox they aren't wiped. It's only when you download them via Outlook that they are moved from the account inbox, to the Outlook inbox.

    The online email is far quicker than hotmail, and they have online virus checkers, which is handy. I would have thought that any ISP worth their salt would offer this kind of service.

    Big Bopper
  • you don't need a web-based email account

    do u have a POP3 account? (one that the email is downloaded into outlook)
    then go to where you can check ur email online no matter who the provider is and what type of account it is. The emails remain on the email server until they are removed by downloading into outlook. You can also send emails via mail2web
  • Goo5eGoo5e ✭✭✭
    sore ass !

    you really are a wealth of information

    just change your name to Oracle
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    Oh Jesus!
  • Need new account or may be forced to murder!!!
  • Barkles , I use

    I also use Outlook express and a spam trap

  • Not that this will help Mr B, but I use hotmail with a spam filter, I never have any trouble getting into any of my 3 acounts or using messenger

    it's just me then...
  • I use hotmail too, the mind boggles at some of the subject headings I receive....
  • Barkles, I used to insist on having a free ISP, and I tried lots, but it's the same as any other product: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

    So..... bit the bullet and joined aol. Narrowband is £15.99 a month with genuine unlimited access and no hidden charges; broadband £27.99. I would NEVER go back to any of my previous free ones.
  • May be worth a go Sassie, but can't get broadband out here in the sticks....
  • I used to use AOL But they F*****d me about so much re billing that I dumped them
  • and not easy to dump, I hear.....

    ok if I am paying, which is the best???
  • the blonde at kings cross........

    so I've been told
  • ta bum.. tish!
  • would touch AOhell with a stick, I signed up for the "free" trail and when it finished they started billing me , ecven though I only used the account once. Fisrt month , rang to cancel. It was cancelled. Next month I got charged, cancelled again

    etc etc etc . Finally got it stopped at my credit card account ,

    So then compuserve started charging me . For all I know they may still be charging me , it was about this time I took the scissors to my plastic
  • that's what I'd heard..

    so who can I trust to provide a good service and not arse me around?
  • I signed up for

    Its an 0845 number , so its 1p local call

    IMHO if everyone sigsn up for the advertised ones , ie AOL BTOpenworld freeserve etc then eventually you have a bottleneck. My sister in law has BT and at peak times its dead slow .

    Do a Google for free isps in the uk and find the one that offers the most

    Its a lottery

  • ta

    anyone using yahoo?
  • i use

    used to be free, but pop-up ads were a mare so they started charging 24 quid a year. It's good though 10Mb for mail, 5Mb for attachments. and you get to make up up to 20 addresses - like all these:

    give it a try. I find it really useful, pretty reliable and not flooded with spam either. (Altho having posted all those addys I'm sure that will change!)

    cheers n mailing beers

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