Where is my mag?

Normally the mag arrives at the start of the previous month.

It is the 24th of October now, and I still have not seen the November issue.

Is this because of the post strikes?

Has Mrs BD hidden it?

RW where is my mag?


  • still packing some post persons pouch I reckon.
  • Nice alliteration hoosie
  • big dave I have received an email offering me a digital copy until the paaper one turns up............I believe they have done that to all subscribers

  • After skimming through the mag in the newsagents today, you're not missing much Dave!
  • Big Dave, its the December issue you waiting for. Magazines are one month ahead unlike me who is about to put my clock back one hour to get that extra hour sleep.
  • runnerman it is the one dated November that I am missing.

    s.n-d.h I will check my emails.

  • You still missing last months. Best to email or phone RW Subs hotline. They will send you a issue if you require one. Then again they might send you a special gift - 2 RW December issues.
  • No email.

    What's the RW subs email address?

  • Go the bottom and find contact us and click support. You will find email addresses for RW and the RW subs address too. You will need your subs number and they should be able to deal with your query.

  • I tried that, received notification that a Nov issue would be with me within 48hours (unlikely with postal strikes)

    It still has not arrived, but the Dec issue dropped on the mat this morning.

  • Following another email to Rodale, I now have my November issue of RW.image
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