Amsterdam Mary & Half 17th Oct 2010



  • Morning all, this new forum is taking a bit of getting used to!

    HIgs, how hilly is Stafford?

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Tiggers bouncing wrote (see)

    HIgs, how hilly is Stafford?

    I've never done it but I've heard it referred to as 'undulating'.

    The route is here: though I think it changed slightly last year to allow more entrants. It doesn't look like there's anything too steep.

  • Thanks for that Higs, will have a look. Guess it won't come close to "the hill of the West" in Connemara! image
  • yo

    Macc forest sounds nice. Lav to look what tother 1/2 has got planned first.

    March seems a bit too close for me to be ready for 1/2, though Stafford aint far.

    Hope all are well and plodding


  • This is your invitation to the Mystical Miles Midnight Run (edition X already).Just been invited to the following pre christmas blast;The day: Saturday, 19 December, 2009.The time: 4 – 8AM. AM means “morning,” not “afternoon….” The place: the dunes, forests and beaches of Schoorl (about 45 minutes North of Amsterdam).Entry fee: noneTee shirt: maybe

    Dinner/sleeping arrangements for the Friday night: working on it. Last year’s experience was excellent so we’ll copy but probably at another location.

    Could be fun right before the chocolate and turkey tasting of late december....
  • Sorry, the above messed up a bit somehow, but the concept of a 4am-8am run should terrify me, yet I'm strangely curious...
  • H, I would be really curious too.........   In fact it would get the better of me and I would have to go and have a "look see"!!

    Go on..... you know you want to!

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    We may be going to Schoorl for our summer hols this year. Won't be running at 4am though.

    Have felt a bit grot for the last week so haven't run at all and only been out on the bike once. Going out now* for a relaxed four or so.

    (*just as soon as I click 'Submit')

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Well my Garmin was out of battery but my Ipod wasn't so I just let the spirit (of UNKLE) guide me - ended up doing 6.5miles.

    Foot felt fine but then it's not actually on the run that it hurts but the day after. Will have to see how it is tomorrow morning.

  • Higs,

    Good run!  I feel naked now if I go out without my Garmin, hate it if I let the battery go flat!

    Took my ladeez group out tonight and managed to swerve the rain for once! Major bonus!!  image

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    And today, I have hurty foot again image

    I'm scheduled a rest day today anyway but I'm running on Thursday. I'm going to run regardless of the hurty foot to find out (i) if I can and (ii) if it makes it worse (or better or no change). Will decide whether to restart the physio or soldier on regardless based on that.

  • Bliddy hell Higs, what a nightmare. ((Higs))

    Whereabouts is it hurting?

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    From just behind the ball of my foot, round the inside of the arch and up onto the top.

    It doesn't hurt too much in 'normal' use but I can make it hurt by putting pressure on the ball. Also if I'm walking along and twist my foot, either by stepping on something uneven or making a quick, unplanned change of direction, it really lights up.

  • Feet although small in area, seem to be able to throw up a lot of random injuries and niggles. Here's hoping that it is minor Higs.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭


    Set off for 4-5 this evening. Had to turn back after half a mile or so 'cos of the foot.

    Will be on phone to physio tomorrow morning.

    Apologies for turning this from a thread about the 'Dam mara into 'My Left Foot'

  • ...'My Dam Left Foot'.... image  Any news?
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Seeing the physio at 1:30 this afternoon.

    Will have a rusty spade in the back of the car in case amputation is the only option.

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Grrrrr....... work stuff now means I can't make the physio appt.

    Now going Wed am.

    Too nice not to run today so I'm taking an early lunch and going for a bit of off-road - hope it's a bit kinder on the foot.

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Bizarrely, pleasingly but infuriatingly I had a really good run at lunch time with no foot pain while running - 40mins or so round the grounds at work.

    And it even felt better after the run than it had been in the morning.

    So who'd like to hazard a guess? Tomorrow morning will be foot be:

    • better?
    • worse?
    • much the same?
    • covered in small green scales?
  • ooh eck Higs -hope foot can be sorted. It does sound troublesome.

    tranna get longer bbut slower plods in now. Looks like will be doing a leg of great bbritain relay next year too. Amsterdam should be a doddle after that-lol

    plod ye well all


  • I'm going for the small green scales!!!  image
  • Whats the verdict then Higs?
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    The good news... my foot is not hurting today.

    The bad news... everything else is.

    To cut a long story short I was out on my road bike yesterday going down a long steep hill and a pedestrian stepped out on me. I collided with him and flew ~30feet down the road landing on my hip and helmet. He was half knocked out with a huge bump on his head and spent last night under observation in hospital. I was remarkably unhurt at the time but now have whiplash-like pain from my ankles up to my jaw!

    Anyway... still going to physio on Wednesday but I doubt I'll run much, if at all, before the Forest run with H and others on the 23rd. Will take it easy on the bike too. Going skiing for a week on Boxing Day and really don't want to do anything that puts that at risk. Training starts (again) in earnest when I get back.

  • Oh Higs.... keep well everyone.  I"ve also seen a couple of ice related incidents this week so take it easy x

  • Hi All!

    Can I join your Amsterdam build up ?!

    I am planning to do the half with OH and a few colleagues and partners next year. Format and arrangements still in the melting pot.

     Higs ! - Take it easy, smell the roses! and get better before you do yourself a damage! Nothing worse than being crocked on a ski holiday. Snow looks good already, where you off to?

    Hoose - I fancy the relay, but all the Scottish legs are a bit lengthy!

    H - 'ice related incidents' these never bothered me till I took up running 4 years ago - now I don't have the same padding on my bum to absorbe the impact! image. I went for one run on a particularly icy morning last week. 6 miles of running with a mid foot strike to avoid slipping - legs felt like I had run twice the distance. Still what doesn't kill you makes you ..... knackered.

    Tinsel T - ice will be a novelty in your semi tropical Cornwall!

     Anybody know when entry opens for the race?

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    SFC wrote (see)

    Hi All!

    Can I join your Amsterdam build up ?!

    Higs ! - Take it easy, smell the roses! and get better before you do yourself a damage! Nothing worse than being crocked on a ski holiday. Snow looks good already, where you off to?

    Anybody know when entry opens for the race?

    Hi SFC

    Jump in - the more, the merrier.

    Skiing in Le Grand Bornand

    I think entries open in Feb or something - I'm sure one of the organised people on the thread will tell me nearer the time.

  • Thanks Higs

    Nice short transfer time from Geneva then! We were down the valley from there about 12 years ago at La Clusaz - nice part of France. Enjoy!

    Looking forward to the chat and will pick up the date as and when.


  • Morning all.

    Welcome SFC. As Higs says  the more the merrier!

    Entries opened last year in Feb, so presuming this year will be the same. Apparently snow is forecast for next week here in sunny (?) Cornwall...... I won't hold my breath though!

    Higs, take care, I was supposed to ski in Canada winter 2008 and was sidelined with PF. image Was fantastic to go and be in Canada, but gutting not to ski....   image

    Apres Ski was still good though!!! LOL

  • SFC- dont worry they have been shortened and they will be well represented so less milage. Please plop yourself on a categoryimage

    yo Tiggs , higs & H tooimage


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