Amsterdam Mary & Half 17th Oct 2010



  • Morning everyone!

    A nippy one here in Bothwell - some paths quite icy for my pre-work plod. Great to get 5/6 miles under your belt first thing - self righteous or what! image

    TT - Fingers crossed for a white Christmas - come to think of it you got some good snow over the last few years. End Jan / early Feb last year was nice. I come to the West Country 4/5 times a year with work. Usually stay in Carnon Downs - handy for an evening run along the Bissoe Trail. Do you do any of the Grand Prix events ? My first ever race number was at the mid summer turkey trot - I entered thinking it was a fun run! image Got a PB - but then it was my first and only 4m race!

    Hoose - I'll check it out and put my name down for a leg.

    Stay cosy!

  • Welcome SFC!

    Very snowy here in the Dam today.  There's also a flasher on the loose in the woods where we run so I think I'll be training on the treadmill today image

  • Hi all

    not so nippy and slippy here in my little plod

    SFC-well worth doing a bit-really think it will take off

    H  - flasher eh? Not right sorta weather for that-lolimage

    really looking forward to doing Dam as now i want to train for Ultras and stuffimage

  • Morning Campers!

    Decided not to run before work today - good call! - had difficulty walking to my car with black ice everywhere.

    Spent half an hour salting and gritting the road down to our flat so I could get my car out - with not one bug**r coming to help.

    Fell flat on my back at one point - had to go back in and change as all salty and wet! - glad to get to work for a rest. image. Grump over image

    Lucky you H ! A flasher - we don't get many in Scotland. As Hoose said its normally a wee bit cold to have anything worth flashing!  Still it would add a bit of interest to a run in the woods!

    Can't quite get too excited about the Amsterdam half yet - 10 months is a long way off. It will probably be my last half of 2010 with 8 others between now and then (if all goes to plan!)

     Anybody done their running goals for 2010 yet ?

  • Afternoon all.

     H, am envious of the snow, it is just cold here! image  However, that is far better than the relentless rain of the last month.

    SFC - that counts as your cross training for the day! image  (You have to see the good in everything!!)

    Running goals....   hmmm...... Plymouth half and then Amsterdam full, possssssiiiibly Stafford half at the end of March...

  • Still snowing... lovely to layer up and go for a walk but rather less appealing to go run in... I will go tomorrow...I will!!!
  • evening all.

    A little snow here last night, very light dusting..... hoping for more tomorrow.

    Hope everyone is well.

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    Some snow in Macc but nothing too bad - planning a plod later.

  • Hi All

    Lots of snow up here in the Scottish central belt. Roads poor, pavements worse!

    Have not run now since Wednesday! image. Ho hum.......
    I don't mind a brief lay off, although I am getting a bit grouchy without my running fix, but one of my goals for 2009 was to be under 12 stone on Christmas Eve. 11st 13lbs this morning - not a lot of leeway -so need to keep burning the calories!

    Entered my first race for 2010 this morning, the Glasgow Half, aka the Great Scottish Run. 5th Sept, a long way away but first inked into the diary!

    My running goals for 2010

    1 run 9 halfs
    2 run 3 10ks
    3 run 900 miles
    4 run 4 new events
    5 weight <12stone on Xmas eve

    There! now that I have put it in print its cast in stone! image

    Who's next????

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Excellent run round Macc Forest in the snow and sun this lunch time with H and others.

    Think that was my last run of 2009 as I'm off skiing on Xmas day.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all.

    Ho Ho Ho, Higs

  • Stunning run today.  The forest looked magical and I was very impressed it was nice crisp snow to run in and not icy tracks of death (it's been known)!  I really enjoyed it.  The chips and cajun chicken topped it all off beautifully.  That's why we run, right?  If we can't stuff our faces after then what's the point.  Higs, enjoy skiing.  Everyone else, how we doing?  Getting any runs in or it's too frosty? To be honest the pavements near here are too icy so I don't know if I'll get out tomorrow???
  • Hope everyone had a fab christmas.

    SFC my goals are to run the full in Amsterdam (one and only)

    Lose 2 stone before Amsterdam 

    Have  an injury free 2010 !!

    Registration for Amsterdam opens on the 1st Jan peeps!

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Greetings from the Alps.

    No running but the skiing's been good so far. And I've remained vertical.

  • imagejammy sod Higs

    Hope everybody had a great Christmas and successful running.

    I am just finding my feet now and feeling stronger. Will have the odd race and some bits of the coastal relay to do before Amsterdam -so, should walk it reallyimage 

  • Hi All

    Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Envy you the Skiing Higs - vertical eh - early days yet though!

    Slow anfd steady Hoose!

    Tigg! No Cornish Grand Prix events?!?

    Have not run now since the 16th - longest lay off since April - snow, ice, family berevement + funeral.

    Am now up home in Argyll where I thought the milder climate would prevail - Wrong - can't even walk on the paths and roads round Craobh! So running and cycling out of the question - keeping bones intact must be primary objective.

    Back to Bothwell on the 3rd, so just chillin'.


  • 17th Oct 2010 looks like it could be a good date for me, I'll put this down as a possibility.
  • SFC, no don't often do Grand Prix events...   Will be good for you to have a rest whilst in Argyll image

    Ironwolf......   go on you know you want to..image

    Higs hope the skiing is going well, I love snow....all we seem to get here is rain!

    Hoose hows things going?

  • Killing time on the web while OH gets ready for the village New Year bash.....

    So just thought to wish you all the best for the new decade!

    Keep at it!

  • Happy New Year everyone!image
  • Entries are open, have enetered! Gulp image
  • You all sound so motivated.  Sorry to hear you've had a tough time though SFC.  This is also my longest lay off since my run on 23rd.  Snow, ice, no access to a gym, toblerones to be eaten, family and friends to visit, mulled wine etc etc.  Will no doubt get back into a routine next week image
  • It is easier to get back into a routine when your back at work!

    Not sure how motivated I am yet though..

  • Can i join in please? image Just entered for this one, will be my second marathon (assuming I finish Brighton image)

    mrs w

  • Morning Mrs W, all welcome.

    This will be my first.....

    Good luck with Brighton! image

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    H. wrote (see)
    You all sound so motivated.  Sorry to hear you've had a tough time though SFC.  This is also my longest lay off since my run on 23rd.  Snow, ice, no access to a gym, toblerones to be eaten, family and friends to visit, mulled wine etc etc.  Will no doubt get back into a routine next week image

    Morning all.

    Welcome Mrs W.

    I've also not run since the 23rd. I have done 6days skiing but also eaten twice my weight in Alpine food, most of which appears to consist of melted cheese.

    It's still cold and icy here at home so (i) no running for me today and (ii) the podiatrist's cancelled my appointment as he can't get in to work. Will go to gym later and try to wean myself off melted cheese over the course of the week.

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    p.s.  I'm the chap with the yellow gloves...

  • Afternoon

    Hope the skiing was good Higs  image

    Icey here too, but hoping that the sun will just of melted enough ice to make a run possible.... fingers crossed!

  • Ha ha higs, and I'm the one in the attractive turquoise hat image

    5 miles done today, no chocolate and only two coffees!!!!!!

  • Morning all.

    Where was the photo taken?

    H, have you got snow there? Very icey here, but as yet no snow still. Running yesterday was a mare!

  • The photo was in Macclesfield Forest on 23/12.  It was beautiful!

    Meanwhile I'm now back in the Dam and yes it snowed yesterday.  It's not really sticking in the centre of town but I work on the outskirts and it's a bit heavier here image

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