Self deep massage thingy's

has anyone tried those long stick like things advertised in RW a couple of months ago. Varying lengths, idea= to roll it on the bits in need to give deep massage?
Somehow I think that not all replies will be serious.


  • When they first appeared on the market, (about 2 years ago i think) loads of people seemed to use them at the Club before going for runs. Now it's down to two - and they are both a bit weird!! But they swear it works. (Mind you, they also do at least 30 minutes of stretching after a run and always have injuries......)
  • No, I want the deep massage, not her!
  • True story this...

    My eye was caught by these sticks on the Friday at the FLM Expo this year, so I sat down and the guy gave me a demo on my calf. Seemed harmless enough...until I had a go myself! I'm not sure whether I was a bit heavy-handed, but when I got up my calf had totally stiffened in the way it does when you pull a muscle. It worsened over the next half an hour and I half-limped around the rest of the Expo! I stretched it fairly thoroughly over the next 24 hours and mercilessly, it was more or less fine on the Sunday morning. I was bricking it at the time though!

  • DW, exactly the same thing happened to me! I was a little concerned that it might have done some damage prior to FLM.

    Mine was on the Thursday, though.
  • Parsley,

    That's interesting. I thought it was just me. Sounds like they should definitely come with a health warning in that case!

  • MOney saved. Thanks chaps.
  • Go to a sports massage therapist, you won't regret it. I was having them regular while marathon training You can't beat a good pummelling. Which reminds me I'm overdue for one, must make the time!
  • I'm a bit embarrassed about this one - but ..what the heck... over Christmas my quads tore, again, and I was so desperate I cruised the net for ages for all sorts of quack remedies.

    I found one site (which I just tried now & it's disappeared) which suggested using a rolling pin for self massage for inaccessible areas eg hamstrings / quads / back of calves etc - so I did - (it didn't work BTW) - and left the rolling pin - unwashed on the side whilst I went out shopping - only to return and find that ...welll you can guess it cant you - the mince pies that she'd made with Dad tasted great and I have never let on!!! Until now. Don't tell her, anyone promise !

    is interesting if you've got a couple of hours to spend reading it
  • I have been using one of these sticks for a number of years now and find it a great help after my long runs.
  • Does anybody know where i can get a sports massage in the Chester/ North Wales area, my legs need some attention.
  • Barkles, I see your stick thing might not be such a good idea in untrained hands.....
    ever tried those vibrating ones (the ones that heat the area as well.....?)
  • Why, have you got one then?
    may I borrow it?
  • Sure, it works a treat..... but don't tell the others (they'll all want a go)
  • Where did you buy it?
  • that'll be telling dear Barkles!
  • Thats the idea you fox you..
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