Yet Another Knee Injury Thread

Hi folks

haven't been around much recently, mainly due to pressure of work, I've just started running again but only slowly on the treadmill.

Anyway, for a while now I've been getting a grinding sensation on the outside of my right knee which lasts for about 5 minutes, normally between 10 and 15 minutes into my run. After the five minutes it goes and I've had no problems. Went for a 30 min slow run on Tuesday lunchtime got the sensation and ran through it as normal. When I got home in the evening my knee was very stiff and felt tight down the inside and outside, and was slightly swollen so I didn't run yesterday.

Ran exactly the same today but the sensation lasted for about 10 minutes and started on the outside of the knee and then moved to the centre of my knee, my knee is again very stiff down both sides abd also swollen. Additionally I am getting what feels like a twisting sensation inside the knee when I'm standing up.

Does anybody have any ideas what the problem could be? Should I go to the doctor's first or visit a physio? Amputation maybe!!!

Any advice and comments gratefully received.



  • Daddy........has anybody answered your thread yet????
  • ITB strain or runners knee ??

    Grinding sounds a bit gruesome !
  • Hight there GFB,
    I've jsut got back to training after my knee injury (which was not the same as your one) I'd see a Doc (antinflammatories (sp?) might help) and definitely see a physio as mine has been fantastic.
    hope you get over it soon
  • Thanks Merc and Fragg,

    I've been to the doctor's this morning and he has prescribed 4 weeks anti inflammatories and a change of exercise plan, ie no running, till they finish. Grinding is uncomfortable but not painful, he said if things don't clear up he'll refer me to a specialist. Only time will tell.

  • GFB,

    I would still be tempted to see a physio, just for a diagnosis. The doctor has given you pills, but the problem could well be muscle related and this probably won't fix it.

    The physio will give you the relevant strectches/exercises and this will get you running sooner (in my humble opinion that is) and although costs money will be worth it in the long run (no pun intended!!)

    Anyway plenty of stretches & good luck
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