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As a middle aged newcomer I have decided to try and do things the right way when it comes to training. I am due to run my first 10k in four weeks. Every training plan talks about doing speed training and such things. The difficulty I don't have access to running facilites where I could do 800m at full tilt. Is it not perfectly feasible to improve times/distances just by doing miles?


  • You dont need facilities per se .... as long as you can roughly measure 800m then you can do it on a normal run route
  • From the sounds of it you may be best doing some fartlek workouts (which can be performed anywhere) in the time remaining so you can touch on all the energy systems at once.

    You can certainly improve your times through accumulating mileage also, although this isn't the most effective way.

    Good luck!

  • Do you have access to a football pitch in a local park?  As the perimeter of the pitch is great for sprint sessions.. even interval them as sprints down the length and recover across the widths (goal lines). 

    I have used this method loadsa times and its been great to improve speed!


  • Thanks guys-yes Stuart think I may do that
  • Good luck, let me know how you gettin onimage
  • not too bad set out last night to run 10kish and finished up doing 13.6 miles.
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