Michelle Singleton

Apologies to everyone, but this is a sensible thread.
(i know, i know, but let me finish).

I have been emailed a message from the Hildenborough 10 race organiser.

Quote :-

'very sorry to trouble you, but i and the race committee find that we have a
minor problem on our hands that you and others within the racing circle may
be able to assist with.

The winner of the Ladies Adult 10 mile race was a Michelle Singleton. It
now appears that she arrived about 2 minutes before the start of the race,
and although she paid her money, she stated that she would fill in the
application form at the end. She never did, and disappeared before the
prizes were awarded. She has a shield and medal for collection but I and
the committee have no idea where she is from. Is she known to any of your
regulars on the forum at all, or any idea which part of the UK she comes from so that i can rightly give her the awards. If you cannot assist don't worry I will keep trying.

By the way this year was the first time I had organised the race and only
took over a couple of months ago to save it from collapse. Hopefully next
year will be much better with new trophies and prizes and perhaps even a
slightly better course. Hope you and your other runners will make it'

end quote.

Sensible replies please :)
I know that will be very hard from you lot.


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