Forumite TV appearance

Eastenders last night... Dot is looking at the gruesome bunch of would -be muggers. and there , on scren as clear as day.....

Suspect number two was.......

well lets give you a little clue.

About 5.8-5.10,

died blonde hair..

not got it yet?


leaing sligtly on one leg cos the other is still sore, but no sign of the pungent aroma taht pervaded him recently.

Yes, you've got it..

MMmmm Universal Twinkler standup and take a bow.

You're on the Telly!!!!!!

will you open our school fete please?


  • Oscar winning performance ?
  • well kind of.. the camera lingered and then panned to number three, but there was charisma there.
  • great isnt it folks, a headmaster that cant spell.

    what hope for our kids eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hic.
  • mind you, just a well he wasn't paid by the number of words spoken.
  • Cheers MAte...
    what can I say....

    I love you ALL my dear deer public...

  • Guilty then!
  • mate,
    you just know I'm guilty (of something at least!!)
  • Method Actor?

    how did you research the role of second ID parade man from the left?
  • I can't believe that I missed it... gutted, will just have to spend Sunday arbo in front of the tele watching the omnibus!
  • Know the hendrix song that goes...

    "Are you experienced...."
  • he's there alright Spans, deer!!!!
  • I was in an ID parade once.....

    got picked out by the old dear.. got paid and spent it on beer.
  • you didn't 'gah Dahn' then..?
  • nah, they let me go on the grounds I was such a nice guy.
  • sort of Mrs CNS got pulled by the fuzz in Bristol once. er let me re-phrase that.. she was in Bristol and a nice policeman asked her if she'd go and be in an identity parade. I don't think they got enough people together for it though
  • When I was in the rAF the local police used us for an id parade once, some of the locals were a bit worried about a police waggon picking up 15 blokes from the local camp . I didnt get used ( ooer) but did make a tidy 15 nicker for me troubles guv

    Oh , didnt "fall down the stairs" either
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    son when is gonna

    "URWFRC's the movie"

  • morning barkles.

    ah sunday omnibus it is then !!
  • think I better record this too...!! Just to see myself on screen..
    oh no, we could all watch it at Greenie's Frolic too!!!!!!
  • my friend did some cuddling on arthur's bench and had a pint in the queen vic but i missed both momentous occasions. she also had a line in "about a boy" going up the stairs in a v tight dress, passing hugh and saying something crap but they cut her. dammit. when will i be able to say "my friend...."
  • Excellent notion....
  • when i was at college i wanted to get into the old extras scene but never shifted my arse to do it. doesn't seem a bad way to make a few bucks.
  • I nkow someone who was a proffesional extra ( and a proffessional market researcher ) He was in Saving Private Ryan, unfortunatly so were a million other extrs
  • in what wonderfully gory way did he die (if he did) ?
  • He sat on the side of a crater after the landings and smoked a cigar , I think I've seen him but you hve to watch it frame by frame

  • My brother was in Kidnapped!!

    sadly he wasn't.
  • hahahaha oh barkles !
  • you don't know him!
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