Maylarch Eynsham 10K

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I'm surprised there isn't already a thread for this as it's a popular race and there have been very lively threads in previous years.

I entered on Sunday after running the ladies only Candleford race. Need some targets to help me get back after having a baby 12 weeks ago. Looks like I was just in time as it now says it's full!

So...anyone else?


  • I'm doing this race for the first time. I entered last year and then hurt my ankle a week before the race so couldn't do it, so fingers crossed I have better luck this time round.  Already got my number.

     Looking forward to it.

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    Hi mothrunner - glad there's someone else! I see you're on the AR10k thread too - lots of 10k racing ahead of us! Hope you get to run it this time. I've done it twice before but never been on my best form for it. It's supposed to be a fast course, though...
  • Hi Pipes, looking forward to doing this, glad to hear it's a fast course.
  • I'm in for this one as well, what is the course like? Ive heard there is car issues on the course in places?

    Also doing the Bicester 10k so will be interesting to see how they compare.

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    Hi mee meep - I'm doing both too (so is mothrunner - correct me if I'm wrong) so we'll all be able to compare. What do you mean about "car issues"? There are a couple of parts that go round a corner on grass which I've found a bit slippery, narrow and off-putting in the past...but they aren't long parts. Can't remember much else about the course - last time I did it was in 2005.

    Hi David image
  • Hi mee meep,

    Yes, I'm doing both too, but not having done either of them before, I can't give you any info, I'm afraid.

     You should go over to the Andy Reading thread if you haven't already, much livelier than this one! image

  • There are quite a lot of parked cars in Eynsham but the run is really well marshalled and you shouldn't have too many problems.

    There is a half mile stretch that goes down the by pass and as the pavement is very narrow you have to go into the road. I suppose you could have a problem with a bad driver but lets hope not.

  • Hi

    I'm a member of Eynsham Roadrunner's.  if any one has any questions about the race etc fire away.

    It's not to long now..

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm thinking of entering this event but it'll only be my second 10k, my first was Blenheim in September. Is this 10k more for running club members? I'm not nearly as fit as I should be!


  • Hi Kirstine, I'm afraid you've left it too late...the race is ful!
  • Oh no! I was starting to talk myself into it. Right, I'll look for another one then.

    Thanks mothrunner
  • Hi

    Just a last minute tip to remember to arrive early for the race Sunday as this year you have to collect your timing chips.

  • I'm doing this image   got a PB there for the last 2 years so got my fingers crossed for another one altho my legs think it might be asking a bit too much!!

    also got my fingers crossed for more benign weather than we've had recently...

  • Thanks for the tip Dawsey.  Looking forward to the race, though like MoaT I'm hoping there isn't too much wind on Sunday because I'm really aiming for a PB!
  • Good luck to everyone tomorrow.  I'm number 402 in case you want to give me a wave as you sweep past me!
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    Yes, good luck everyone. Don't know my number off the top of my head - it's already pinned to my vest and packed away in case I forget it!

    Fingers crossed the weather is a bit better than it has been here this evening.
  • *panics about the thought of 10k this morning*
  • Wasn't that fun! The weather was reasonably kind to us in the end, and the event was really well organized. I took over 4 minutes off my PB, which was a big surprise!! So, I'm a happy bunny. image
  • Excellent race and very well organised.  Even the weather was OK.  Didn't get a PB, but wasn't expecting to after injuries in the summer, but knocked 30s off last year's time. Loads of friendly marshalls kept all the cars out of my way too.

    I'll be back.....

  • I've uploaded some photos from the race here:

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Great conditions for running. Really enjoyed the race today and was pleased with my time. It's a post-pregnancy pb. Fab pictures, Neverwasbeen - thanks for taking them. I'm in your 10th picture looking very concerned (about the rest of the race to come, probably).

    Mothrunner - delighted for you and your pb. More to come at Andy Reading?? Well done everyone else.
  • Thanks for the pictures Neverwasbeen. None of me, sadly; I expect you'd packed up and gone home by the time I came past! But some good ones of some of my club-mates.

     Thanks Pipes. I didn't really expect to go that fast. Sub-50 might be possible sometime next year...but probably not at Andy Reading. Still, it would be nice to go a few seconds faster!  Well done on your time too; glad you enjoyed yourself.

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Stop putting yourself down, mothrunner - there were 200 or so people behind you today, many of whom feature in Neverwasbeen's pictures. Hope you get that sub-50 soon.

    Anybody else been checking out the results website? I can't do links but it's somewhere on - so easy to check out club/ gender/ age results etc. I haven't seen a results website this good before (but maybe they're all this user-friendly these days).
  • Mothrunner, Pipes is right; there's nothing to read into not appearing in the photos. I had to dash about to catch the race at 1k, mid-race and the finishing straight.  I think Andy Reading can deliver a faster time than Eynsham, so lng as the blizzards stay away - good luck !

  • Neverwasbeen, sorry I hope you didn't take any offence, it was just a feeble attempt at self-deprecating humour on my part! 
  • Absolutely none taken !   It's a funny old world - some of my clubmates are conspicuous in hiding from the camera. Cowards I say.

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