How Much Rest?

I am doing a 5k race on Sunday. I wish to go as fast as I can, should I do any exercise until Sunday am or should I rest?

Also, I run on the treadmill usually so when I run outside, I have no idea of my speed, so should I go hell for leather from the out set or slowly build up?

And another thing! Last year I didn't really warm up much, I just "jigged around" and stretched - what do you recommend, any help greatly appreciated...


  • Oh, and what should I have for breakfast?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    My suggestions (for what they are worth) would be:

    Short run tomorrow - max 2 miles, fastish but don't kill yourself.

    Do a warmup - about a mile, easy pace with a bit of a push at the end, leaving enough time to recover before the start of the race. A few stretches. First mile hold back a little bit then go for it.

    Brekkie - Couple of slices of toast & jam and a cup of coffee.
  • thank you, nessie. i still love your eyes you know!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Oops, just checked and you're a girlie too.

    <<<cancels wink>>>

    It's all this studying and working and forumming - I have to use kitchen matches to keep my eyes open.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    breakfast? depends when the race take place
    if it's early morn. i wouldn't take breaki as it's a short race

    the rest agree with nessie
  • ballini.
    The day before I go for a complete rest and have a large evening meal and a light breakfast, but it all depends on what time you run, thats what i do but it may not work for you, the best advice is let your body tell you what it wants and you know you body more than most! and also hessie im a diabetic so jam on toast isnt no good for me due to suger content.....debi listen to your body....
  • I normally dont do anything at all in the couple of days before a race. The wednesday before is the latest I will do anything. I recommend doing a warm up (i usually walk/v.light jog for approx 1 mile to combat stiffness) otherwise you may not really get going until after the first couple of miles.

    As for speed I recommend going off slow at first - you can always go for it at the end if youve got something left.

    For brekkie I swear by Muesli (Alpen) no later that 2.5 hrs before the start. I then have a bananna about an hour before starting.

    Have a great race.
  • thank you all! the race is at 11am, I'll probably be up quite early and have some brekkie, then poss a banana or energy bar 3/4 hour b4.....does this sound okay?
  • None of the other either!!!
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Depends on your fitness really. If you are a regular trainer and fast then probably best to do something short and fast in the days before, if not then rest is probably best.

    Yes I'd warm up with a run but don't tire yourself.

    Light breakfast a couple of hours before.

    No need for special diet in the lead up because it's a short race you aren't going to need reserves of glycogen.

    Go out fastish, tag on to some others, evaluate whether you are comfortable at that pace - too fast or too slow - if either comfortable or feel it is too slow push on - if you feel it is too fast let them leave you. From half way you can try and go with people that overtake you but be careful not to get sucked along too fast too early.
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