Weirdest running injury.......

Whilst out for my run this morning I was attacked by (and I have the scratches to prove it, and it drew blood) a .............


Is this the weirdest running injury of the year or can anyone out there better it?


  • wow! It wasn't a 6 foot rabbit by any chance?
  • How did you fend it off? Did it have mixi?
  • Why not add your's to the growing list already going here 
  • I have to say, the way you were injured is pure awesomeness.  I've never heard of anything like that before - be proud of it!
  • It was a perfectly normal little brown fella who tried to run away but got his directions mixed up and ended up scrambling up my left leg (with his little razor sharp claws).

    I will add my contribution to the other thread as it was all a bit odd image
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