Coeur d'Alene 2011



  • One good thing is there is no time delay on IMDead. The gantry time fits in with the start time which fits in with BST
  • Good job Barley. Another step towards Kona image


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    He looked good coming in, didn't he?

    Well done Coach. Awesome job!
  • 16:16:xx

    Top work, Team. Now get your arse back home image
  • brilliant work barley.after the back problems he must have worked hard for that one............well done.and a step closer to Konaimage

    Proud of you Barlosimage

  • Congrats Barlos!
  • Yes, Seren, my thoughts too re back, but in 8 hours he will be driving 300 miles to the airport to spend 9 hours on a flight, to then do it all over again in Sunday.

    I am buying wholesale quantities of paracetamol for him and earplugs for me image
  • Well done coach. Another IM ticked off
  • Well done Barley xx

  • Tell him i will take some massage oil to give him a rub down on friday when he arrives......he deserves itimage

  • Schmunkee - FWIW, the other way you can capture pics, videos and Excel sheets is through a capture program like this Capture Wiz

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    Tell him i will take some massage oil to give him a rub down on friday when he arrives......he deserves itimage

    He'd love that!  He would be like a kid in a candy shop image

    I have sent him a photo of your post so you may have an overexcited Coach on your hands on Friday

  • Top work Coach,  sauna,  massage & rehydration will sort you out before next week.

  • Chher for that LN.  It was a quick learn for me as I knew his arrival was imminent and I didn't want to miss it

  • Oh great work. Gutted I missed him on the webcam. I did see a girl finish in a big skirt before - must have been around his time I think ?
  • Well done Barlos, top result.

  • Brilliant stuff Barley - congratulations. image

    Rest well now, you deserve it. Top stuff - what an inspiration. 

  • Well done Barley, excellent work! image

  • Well done!!
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Well done Barley image

  • Great result. Safe travels home!
  • Excellent result, well done Barley!!  Rest and recover well for Sunday image

  • A belated, but heartfelt well done Barley. 

    I couldn't use you as inspiration as you are simply leagues ahead in the JFDI stakes.

  • Impressive stuff. Churns 'em out, doesn't he?
    And back for Outlaw on Sunday? Ouch!!

  • Massive thanks to everyone supporting me over the weekend, its always good to know people are following you.

    Brief Report:

    Coeur D'Alene is a fantastic race, really big Ironman event with all the trimmings including 'The Voice Of Ironman' Mike Reilly belting it out on the mike and geeing the crowd for yet another hail yea 'YOU ARE AN IRONMAN'.  The support on the course was superb, the Americans really know how to cheer you on.  I ran past so many BBQ's I lost count.

    The race:

    Well I guess I rolled up under trained as usual, though this time it was a combination of dropping an Iron on my foot, stuggling with various back and hampsting pulls which has pretty much curtailed my training over the last 3 months.

    Swim wasnt expected to be much hastle, as usual I started in my favoured position, at the front on the turn side to take the shortest line.  Ive found this to be the best way of avoiding contact as youve always clear water you can head towards while letting the faster swimmers go straight on and leaving the slower ones to beat the $hit out of each other at the back. 

    My swim was slow, 1.20ish but the conditions were extremely choppy for a lake, there was quite some swell and it was akin to a sea swim, I also lost time on account of having to stop after swallowing water when I miss timed my breathing and took a face full of wave.

    Bike, hmmm, didnt expect it to be a difficult course but as usual id done no research, turned out to be a lot harder than I expected with 3 massive hills each of the 2 loops, massive being akin the the big climbs at Lanza / each being 3 time Box Hill.  It was also quite windy.

    Run, just plodded round really, given my prep I was just after a finish. 

    If im honest I was well under trained which probably accounted for the slower bike time as well as the course/wind.

    Anyone considering a US Ironman I would seriously recommend Coeur D'Alene, its a fantastic location and a beautiful part of America, the locals were brilliant and so friendly.  Coeur D'Alene Resort (Race HQ) is the best place to stay.

    PS, I never did see Yogi Bear but I saw a Grey Wolf, lots of Bison and some Antler'd thingies at Yellowstone.  Oh and lots of bubbling mud, steaming sulphur and other cool stuff.  Yellowstone is top tastic image

  • Great report Barley and the very best of luck on Sunday. I just wish I was going ot be there image

  • Sounds fantastic. Great result there Carl - see ya at the weekend. You nutter.

  • Yabbadabbadooooooooo   image

  • Shhraggy?

    Oh no wait.. wrong cartoon!

    Well done Coach! image

  • Do you two know nuffink? image

    Or is it only me that's smarter than the average bear, Boo Boo image

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