Is it me...

<fans face with hands>


  • image You are joking? I'm wearing every item of clothing I own and I have the heating on. 'Spose it could just be me... but brrrrr!!!
  • It's you poop, must be the menopause!
  • If it's the menopause, then I'm coming down with it as well. Pass the HRT, Soop.
  • Maybe I've got reverse menopause - cold flushes?? image
  • It is warm today... 17 degrees earlier, way too warm. And humid - there were plenty of flying insects plaguing me on my run today; must think it's spring.

    Bring on the cold weather image
  • i thought that, drove home at 5:30 with both windows open, had window wide open at home to cool the flat down, and hot in a t shirt at 9:30 when running
  • Do you know what. Its so warm tonight that I got the windows open.
  • I think I must be coming down with something... still cold image
  • Did you know that in 1946 there was a recording of 29 deg in October in the UK

    In 1984 there was a recording of 24 deg in October,

    So why are they blaming us now for Global Warming??

  • It was weird. Warm until I got to Peckham then it was cold and misty.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    It's always cold inside the ICEHOUSE though the rivers never freeze
  • May have been warm last night, but man is it foggy this morning, stll can't see more than about 50 metres down the road, really nice going for a run this morning, quite spooky and still
  • Its warm tonight tho.  We've just had a BBQ!!! image 

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