Happy Birthday SP

I've already sung to you in my surgery, so shan't make you listen to it again, but many happy returns of this birthday-ish Friday kind of a day!

To SP and his glamour boy looks, everybody! *Applause*


  • Ugly people have birthdays too you know. I suppose it's just coincidence that you should pick out Suffolk "pretty boy" Punch.

    (Makes dignified exit trying hard not to show signs of bitterness, there was a time when I was considered the forum stud.)
  • Oh DB! Come back! (Dr Nic waves a pair of paper surgery pants at him)

    Is it today? You only need to tell me and I'll set up a thread for you to. I didn't know about SB til he said!
  • I'm all embarrassed now...

  • DB returns and gazes in wonder at Nic's pants.

    Well, know it's not today exactly, erm, the point is that if someone ugly, say Chimp, had told you it was his birthday I doubt if you would have started a thread about it.

  • I SO would. (Dr Nic folds the pants and puts them in the surgery incinerator)

    David, have we met, I mean from the olden days of forumland? I'm not sure we've actually spoken before. (Dr Nic extends a hand which only smells slightly of disinfectant)
  • (DB remembers manners and warily extends hand.) My that's a firm grip you have!
  • Glad you two have made up... buy you both a beer at next social....
  • All the better for administering Thymoglobulin® with, my dear.
  • We should be buying you the beer SP, it's your b'day!
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