1/2 marathon in the rain & wind


I'm running the Barns Green 1/2 marathon on Sunday and the forecast is for lots of rain and wind. I don't mind running in the rain too much but this will be the first time I've spend 2 1/4 hours doing so.

Should I wear a jacket for the run or knowing I'm going to get soaked, should I just wear top and leggings?  

I'm not sure of it's a good idea to get soaked for quite so long.

Any suggestions?



  • Just because the forecast says its going to rain, doesn't mean it is.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with a jacket in a race, even if it is raining.

  • I wouldn't bother with the jacket either. If you are running a half, then it's unlikely to keep you dry for that long if it's raining anyway and then it will just be in the way. I would just run in top and leggings.

    Make sure you have some dry kit to change into after the race so you don't freeze afterwards.

    Good luck on Sunday.

  • I spent 6h 15m gettting lashed by wind and rain on Saturday, I survived and I loved it!

    as the triaferletes say HTFU (meant in a nice way).  It makes you feel all tough and hard when you have finished. image Great sense of achievement

  • HTFU??!! I just had to Google that.... Brilliant!!!
  • Anne - you'll be fine without a jacket - too much clothing is a hassle. A good idea might be to take an old t-shirt to wear over your racing kit at the start. You will be cold hanging around waiting to get going. That old top can be discarded (ie permanently) with a marshall immediately the gun goes off or a mile down the road once you've warmed up.

    Enjoy. image

  • HTFU!!  Very funny. Hadn't hear of that one before....

     I do have a bit of a reputation for being a 'southern softie' so am probably in need of HTFU!!! image

     I think I will go for the no jacket option. Feeling brave.....

    I am looking forward to it a bit more now I've got used to the idea of getting soggy. I'm still hoping the weather forecast is wrong though....

    Cheers everyone!  image

  • go for it!!! image
  • Anne- i too am doing barn's green on Sunday. if it is really lashing down at the start then i might wear a bin liner to keep dry until it starts and then discard.

    I ran barn's green a couple of years ago and it was raining and windy- even more of a sense of achievement when i finished. I wore tights and a t-shirt and i wasn't cold.

  • Simples:

    You wouldn't suffer from 2:15 in the bath or swimming (except for sore eyes) from anything other than boredom. Therefore it is not the rain that will unduly cause a problem.

    Cold, Wet, Windy are three items. You can merrily survive one, two can make it uncomfortble, three makes it unpleasant.

    So if it is warm and wet then go with normal running gear. If it is cold and wet then you may want either a warmer top or two thin tops. I have a really tiny hat and tuck it in my shorts on training runs. Even if the hat gets wet it adds warmth if I am cold.

    Only experience can help you. If you don't suffer under those conditions on a 6-mile training run then you shouldn't suffer on a HM unless you slow a lot.

    Sometimes accepting being wet is easier and focus on being a bit warmer. Staying dry is really, really hard when running due to sweat build up inside clothing.

    Just my opinion.

  • I HTFU'd  image this morning and braved the run without a jacket even though conditions were atrocious. Was glad I did as a jacket would have been an encumbrance.

     Enjoyed the run despite the weather although I was hoping for a slightly faster time. Still managed 2:21:50 though...

  • Well done, Anne. Not the best weather for a race - great to hear you enjoyed the run.
  • Well done Anne, you certainly did HTFU!!!!
  • Well done!!!

    See, it's not that bad after all

    Do you feel all tough and 'ard now? image

  • I do indeed, Shimmy.

     I now know not to fear the rain.  image 

    I looked tough and hard by the end of the race too - mud splattered up my legs, wet and bedraggled. I still managed to enjoy the race and the scenery was still lovely despite the  weather.

    The village green was a sea of mud by the time I finished and when I got home I noticed that the mud had managed to migrate through my trainers, socks and get under my toenails.


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