Pine Ridge 10K


 I'm a newbie runner and hoping to go to the Pine Ridge 10k as my first race.  (Although given my longest training run so far is only 5 miles, and I ain't exactly fast, 'race' might not be quite the right word! image)

 Was just wondering if anyone else was going? And whether you'll all be leaving me in the dust!


  • Hope you enjoy ti Brody image

    I'll be at the back BTW!

  • I've entered and it's my first race as well - will definitely be at the back!

    Hoping its not too undulating as most of my runs are on very flat roads - going to try and get off road this weekend

  • I'm thinking of doing this one, I'm local and have oftern run round the pine woods and common land
  • Starting to really look forward to the race - currently plan is just to pootle along at the back and enhoy myself.  It's my first race so any time will be a pb! image

    Just hoping it doesn't p*ss down. I don't mind running in a bit of rain, but preferably not bucketloads.
    Also, I only have road shoes atm, so if it's very wet, I'll be sliding all over the place!

     triathlonlad: how's the drainage around there? I'm assuming it's mostly sandy, so shouldn't be too wet, hopefully.  and any mega hills to be aware of?

  • Wow - just seen that the entry for this race has closed early - there's already 850 people signed up!

     Was expecting a smallish race as it's the first time they've held it - those hopefully that means there'll be plenty of people plodding along at the back with me!

  • i will be at the back for sure, im  aiming for 1:10hr really looking forward to this image

  • I should be around 1.10 too, hopefully.  Did my longest run to date was over the weekend, 6 miles in 1.05, so about 1.10 for the 10k seems likely as long as it's not too hilly!

     First race nerves are starting already, and it's still 2 weeks to go!

  • You'll love the race.  I've only being doing 10k's for a few years now but have seen them grow and grow in popularity.  There is usually an excellent atmosphere and don't worry about too many fast runners.  I am sure you will do better than expected and enjoy a warm glow of self-satisfaction by the evening.

    Anyone know what to expect from the route?  I live locally and we have had a lot of rain recently but not sure what type of shoes to wear.

  • They say wear trail shoes if you have them but i like my road shoes so i will probably wear them as im not bothered about time
  • I only own road shoes, so I'll be wearing them!

    Though, saying that, I was running on footpaths near Farnham (not a million miles from Wisley) this weekend and had no problems.  Bit of mud to watch out for in places, but nothing terrible.

    The race is on the common at Wisley, isn't it? So I'd guess it'd be reasonably sandy.

  • Its wisley and ocaham woods so yes i guess sandy and leafy image

     im really looking forward to this image

  •   Missed  the cut off for entry , albeit posted my application.

      Postal strike to blame perhaps  ?  


  • Not long till tomorrow hope everyone is ready image
  • Looking forward to it although slightly nervous for no good reason image
  • My god that was brutal!  horizontal hail, lashing rain, loads of mud, lots of fallers, what a race to pick for my first ever cross country!

     Hope everyone made it round safely.  I took a couple of tumbles, but no more damage than a few scrapes and bruises.

  • Well that was my first 10k and what a 10k to start on.  I thought it was bad when the hail started but then there was the thunder and lightning image  I managed to make it round in one piece without slipping or falling over but I was soaked by the finish.  I thought it was well organised although I only have one other run to compare it to (I did the 8 mile Kingston Breakfast run in October)

     I'd definitely do this one again but would think twice if the forecast wasn't good!! image   Hope everyone else got round OK.

  • Just got back from this one - lots of weather to say the leastimage

    Great course though - slightly more undulating than I expected and thought I was going to keel over from hypothermia at the end - would definitely do it again 

  • Wow that was fun. I enjoy running in the rain, but that was almost too much even for me. Those horizontal hailstones were pinging painfully off my face!

    Lots of lovely mud, and a course that would have been scenic if I'd dared to take my eyes of the ground underfoot.

    Have just cleaned half of Ockham Common out of the bath.

    Will definitely do it again.

  • That was such a laugh, could have done without the walk to the start to get the chip then back again to the car then back again to the start, either that or they should have said it was a good walk to the start and i woul dhave taken all my stuff with me.

    However the race its self was brilliant, i loved the course even if the hillys were making my calves scream out, but by halfway i was settled into a rythem and loved it, the mud was funny as were the puddles, but the hail was just MEAN !

    And how lovely to have both a tshirt and mug oh and also thanks to all the marshalls who i have to say probably had a worse time than us image

    I will be back next year for sure image

  • Mad Uncle Bob wrote (see)
    Lots of lovely mud, and a course that would have been scenic if I'd dared to take my eyes of the ground underfoot.
    So true image
  • Simultaneously the best and worst event I have had the pleasure of participating in.

    As people have said, several different types of mud - slippery uphill sheets, sticky bogs, stinky cesspits mixed with horse poo - some surprising uphill sand traps, tree roots galore, people slipping and sliding in front of you from all angles, and completely opaque spectacles by the time the horizontal hail started drumming into my face and thighs. I'm glad I hadn't shaved for a week as at least that offered some protection. 

    My first 10km and my first trail race. Though I think that was less trail, more obstacle course. With water cannons. Think Wipe Out. But, boy did I feel satisfied when I finished, below my target time (the one I aimed for before the race, not the generous one I revised to, once I had seen the conditions.

    I can't really remember the course as I was focused on the 4-5 metres just in front of me, as obstacles appeared at short notice as people fell / rose / fell again / sidestepped / sashayed / backflipped all around me. That, and the hail. Of course, it was blue sky and sunshine 20 minutes after I finished.

    Agree about the long boggy walk to the start - would have been good to know, and a bit of a let down for supporters, especially if they had buggie or small kids.

    Would definitely do it again. But would wear tights. And a snorkel.

    And yes - thanks Marshalls. Great effort in the conditions. 

  • I really have to say I thought the ground was challenging bit, not that bad.  I did a slow one this time in 1:08 as haven't trained and I am paying the consequences with DODGY painful hip flexors.  That's the last race I plan to do with no training.

    Since Tough Guy I don't see any off road race as that bad now LOL!

    And the Grim.

    Muddier the better and LOVE running in rain! It was a great day and atmosphere great.  Loved the hills as they weren't too many or long!  def struggled at the end though!  Bit sloppy and made it hard going!

    recommend this one!image

  • I can't get the results to come up????? Anyone else struggling???

  • I didn't make it. Hurt my ankle last week and it wasn't feeling good enough to manage 10k image

    Looking at the weather yesterday morning made me not mind quite so much though!

     Well done to everyone who went out and survived the hail! image

  • Does anyone have any photos of the event?  There was someone taking photos just before the turn into the home straight, which would have captured people soaked to the skin and covered in mud, so he must have got some great photos!

  • Yes, must be *some* photos - I think it would be great to take a look at them image
  • Photos are now on the Pine Ridge site

  • I agree with you all - they should have explained how far the car park and toilets were from the start. But apart from that absolutely superb! Probably idillyic in warm summer but a real adrenalin buzz in the hail and thunder. Great warm up for the Grim (get your snorkels ready)
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