Eating and running (not at the same time!)

I am just wondering about eating and running. I have been running for about 3 years and generally try to leave a decent gap between my last meal and running. I read somewhere that two hours is enough but that doesn't seem to be enough for me. I am also aware of having enough energy and hydration. What do most of you out there do or find works the best to avoid that aching heavy feeling you can get if there is too much food in your stomach? I find that I run best if I have not eaten for at least 6-8 hours and have been sipping small amounts of water. Is there any useful info on his topic? Any help appreciated.


  • I find it varies a bit, but that generally two hours is more than enough.  Quite often an hour is fine.

    I don't normally worry too much about hydration etc. if it's just a relatively short training run - 5-6 miles or so. If it's much more than about 10 miles I'll make sure I have something to drink about 30 mins before I head out. If it's very hot I might have a mouthful just before I set off.  don' normally take water with me unless I'm going more than 13 miles - I find I just bring it back, and its weighed me down the whole way round.

  • Thanks exiled claret.....

    I find that surprising. I am finding, as I said above, that two hours does not seem to be enough for me as an individual but was a bit concerned that I might be leaving it too long and not having enough energy as an occasional running mate has pointed out. I suppose it depends on the size of the last meal. I was hoping that some people could point me in the direction of any useful info on the topic - I am new to this forum.  Cheers. Tony.

  • Lucky me. I can have something to eat and head straight out the door - it has never affected me at all.

    On some of the walking events I do it is possible to combine running and eating at the same time and if you want a good time it is an essential skill. Doesn't that show-off (read good runner) Dean Karneze write about running along and eating pizza slices while running.

  • It's individual I think - trial and error, what one person can eat and when will be different for the next person, it's a case of finding out what works for you. If you find yourself running (pun intended!!) out of energy during your run because you have eaten so long ago, you could try an energy gel or a drink of full sugar ribena as you go round.


  • Thanks D. 


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