Why the funny shape?

Hi folks- not sure if anyone can shed some light on this...... I am fairly fit & I weigh just over 8stone so not exactly obese and yet I look like I have the beer gut of a darts player. Seriously when I look at myself sideways I can see my ribs but then underneath protrudes like I've got a watermelon stuffed up there- I'm just waiting for someone to ask when it's due...... I know my stomach muscles are non-existant but surely there's more to it than just needing a girdle?  image



  • Stand up straight!

    ...or go see a doctor?
  • Feel stupid enough asking on here so couldn't waste a doctor's time could I? image
  • That's what you pay for Camlo.  Seriously, if you're worried, your GP is a place to start. 

  • Is it a new development? Anything else going on - symptoms of any sort???
  • No symptoms & whilst it comes & goes, only really been huge in the last few weeks. I did wonder if it was my love of flatulance but nope still plenty of that & the tummy stays put......
  •  Are you female?

    I had a fibroid tumour - I've never had kids and have quite a bit of muscle, but I still looked pregnant. No other symptoms except feeling bloated sometimes. I tried dieting as i had put on a few pounds in weight, got to the point where I looked gaunt and felt ill, then went to see Dr. Nearly too late.

    However you feel, go see the GP and tell him what's up. It maybe something, it maybe nothing. It's better to act early than ignore something. Prevention is better than cure. That's what the GP is for.

  • Well I am female (picture is of my youngest pirate) but don't think it's gynae as I had an exam by the Dr last week & everything was 'fine' - of course I didn't tell her about my appearing/ disappearing phantom beer belly  image I do feel bloated so perhaps a few fibregels would help..... image
  • You're typical gynae exam wouldn't necessarily pick up problems with fallopian tubes/ovaries. It could be food related - can you think of any pattern re. dietary intake and appearance of the belly? It might be worth keeping a food and symptom diary for a week or so to see...

    Definitely worth seeing the doc though - better safe than sorry image

  • Hi Camlo, is the bloating uncomfortable?  Could it be a candida infection?  Tons of stuff on the web about it.  I've found cutting out sugar and yeast has massively cut down my bloating.

  • Hi Camlo

     Another possibility you could look at ,although along similar lines to some of the posts above. My Brother experienced very similar symptoms with the beer belly apearance. He has always been sports mad and muscular then all of a sudden developed the belly. It turned out he was dairy intolerant and once he addressed that it all returned to normal.

  • Gosh, thanks guys, I'll start a diary & see if something links the 2. It feels like I've eaten 3 xmas dinners sometimes because my tummy feels so full & yet  I'm still hungry  image
  • I think you just need a good fart lol!image
  • I think if you're very slim (which unless you're very short you probably are) even the slightest bit of bloating can give you that six months pregnant look because it's just such a contrast from the rest of your torso. Plus there's always the reassurance that you're over-emphasising it in your own mind.
  • I am short (5ft) but yes I would look slim if it wasn't for the hidden bowling ball. Ate loads of bread today & tummy was fine until about 3pm when a finger of twix seemed to trigger the inflate button. Chicken for tea & it's growing steadily. Guess it could just be a sluggish gut, can't avoid chocolate completely can I???? 
  • How soon after the twix was the reaction? And, come to think of it, how long was it after the bread?
  • Bread is notoriously bad for causing bloating. I'm an IBS sufferer and try to avoid eating bread as much as possible - just a few days without it and i notice a massive difference.
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