Sleaford Half-Marathon

:Looking for a swift half to get into the marathon mode, anyone tel how underlating this is?

How does it compare to The Turkey Trot, Wroksop, Hose, or Robin Hood halfs? 



  • Hilly maybe a strong word but it is quite undulating and testing. theres a 2 mile off road section too. However ive done it 3 or 4 times now and its a fab well organised race.


  • im up for this one will be my first time running itimage
  • Youll love it Angie, undulating and only one proper'ish hill which comes near the end. see ya there.


  • i can cope with undulating

    see you there image

  • The 2 mile mile off road section is rather interesting if it's been raining. Very well organised race as well.image
  • A good Half to start the year off image, done it twice in the last 3 years and really enjoyed it, ( can be cold )

    Seems to set me up nicely for the coming year, see you all there.

  • Hopefully the snow will go about 2 weeks time and it may be colder still. But thats Ok that Lincolnshire for you.This race is so easy until the fields of mud otherwise its pure speed?
  • imageHopefully the snow will go about 2 weeks time and it may be colder still. But thats Ok that Lincolnshire for you.This race is so easy until the fields of mud otherwise its pure speed?
  • pure speed image

    not words that spring to mind when i run lol

    but im looking forward to this one just need the snow to bugger off so i can get out training im not brave enough to run on it like some people ive seen

    see you all there


  • When are the race numbers going to be sent out?
  • Is there a time limit? Anyone know what the memento is? I've emailed to ask, but no response.
  • first attempt at sleaford half , whats this about fields of mud , thought it was on the road ,or am i in for a shock.?????????????
  • scooterhax

    At First we start on the field then on to the road through the Villange then 2 miles of mud(DRY)then all the way on the road towards homeimage

    I hope this will help youimage

  • I did it last year and the last hill about a mile out turned my legs to jelly. image

     Looking forward to it this year.

  • cheers matt

    now im really looking forward to it (NOT) image

    but i'll still be there plodding alongimage

  • Haha sorry, at least you're prepared for it now! image

    Overall it's one of my favourite races I ran so far. Really enjoyable, good atmosphere, and there's always someone up for a supportive chat along the way when the going gets tough!

  • cheers for that ,

    not done much running in mud ,

    looking forward to it .    image

  • is there a route map ,that goes up on internet ,any where ,
    cheers scooter
  • ive done some hilly halves so it aint gonna bother me too much image
  • Hi Rickster,

    Numbers going out first week in Feb.

    Ferocitas, no time limit, we give the last runner just as much as the first runner,

    Memento is a fab long sleeve t shirt, goody bag and a free hot drinks voucher. Massage also available.

    Scooterhax, will check out re map on line.

    Any queries e mail


  • glad to see theres no time limit, us plodders need that reassurance image

    this will be my first time on this race  but hopefully will be back every year image

  • Good race for anyone looking to do London, any spring marathon me thinks, yeah the off road section on the high dyke makes it a bit different ,personally i didnt find the hill at the end too bad not if you compare it to the one at the  Grantham half at 10 miles! anyone whos done that one will no exactly what i mean!image
  • The link to download the entry form doesnt seem to be working?

    Or is it me?

  • is the hill at the end ,

    worse then humber bridge half ,one at about nine miles.
    legs went to jelly ????////

  • scooter, i hope it aint worse than that hill it did me in there

    mind you the heat didnt help me any either image

    was gonna do it again this year but mansfield half is the same day and ive entered that

  • angie ,was hot that day. same not bothering this year ,put in for nothingam marathon,first atempt at full so going to try and get training right,

    did nottingham half last year ,enjoyed it ,so thought i would go all in ,??????????image

  • must be the year for fulls

    im doing edinburgh and lochness this year and plenty of halfs too image

  • just entered this guys
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