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  • oh for god's sake man, just tell us.
  • Anything to do with the cup final?
  • well I didn't want to be the first to ask.. but what has?
  • CNS.. you weren't!
  • He's successfully applied for membership of the Mature thread.

    Welcome aboard Snoop, buddy!
  • well that's alright then.
  • Bus pass?
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    the end of the world?
  • Zimmer frame?
  • Tesco home delivery?
  • Philipino home house maid delivery?
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    swedish nurse home delivery?
  • Hey you're right (for once) you Geordie-Welsh-git-who-should-be-monitoring-exam-revision-preparations-instead-of-wasting-time-here.

    Two seat in Block L10 Row 23 Seats 21 & 22 for the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff tomorrow - right on you Gooners!!

    p.s. Chimp - I'd rather support the Scum than bandy words with Chief Old Git Johnny J on THAT thread!
  • Oh! You were unsuccessful then eh?

    Leave it to me. I'll smooth things over with ol' JJ for you.

    Chin up now!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    C'mon the Saints
  • I work in Southampton and I found out a couple of days ago that they are playing some sport in some final thing ..... there are flags everywhere and people have festooned their cars with ribbons and bows and flags... So it's a bit of a big event then?????
  • Na Phoenix, I just think they are celebrating Portsmouth's promotion
  • I think Beattie would be better off staying home and beating his meat than turning up to the Millenium tomorrow.

    Chimp - wouldn't bother mate - there's no way the old fart will let me in - he's far too precious!
  • oh... right....

    I think that tomorrow afternoon might be a good time to go out. The streets and the forest will be empty.
  • Some clown arranged the school fair for tomorrow!
  • so it's not just the entire population of Southampton that are going mad then?
  • Thank God I don't own shares in Southampton FC, they'll get a hammering.. unfortunately

    if it is as good as the Forest/Sheff UTD game last night I'll be well chuffed.
  • that's not the opinion of the people here at work, Barkles!! They seem quietly confident that the Saints will walk it..! They are all saying "you all set for tomorrow then?" to each other as they plan their front of the TV in their Saints shirt with the tinnies to hand.
  • those that have to work are going to bring a radio in... and this is a library!!!
  • Look amte, I'm a Newcastle fan.. love em deerly, but thus far the pain of disappointment is all too near. Jsut wouldn't want your mates to get their hopes up.

    Most of the western world would love to see them do it, but crying adults aint a pleasant sight.
  • Tiger, who ever it was... sack 'em.
  • Hello Barkles, deer.
    Don't worry, I'm strictly on first shift only!
  • cup final is always a crap game.but tomorrow i think/hope could be a high scorer-attack better than defence on both sides,i expect a howler or two.forecast 4-1 to our gallant gunners and the pony tail to be ceremonially attached to the old cup....
  • ugh. a seemingly innocent-looking thread turns into a football-infused nightmare :~(
  • weren't me!! I didn't even know that Southampton were a first division team these days.....

    OK, I'll go now..
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