Gran Trail Peñalara (SPA)

Dear colleagues,

I am back to announce a newcoming ultra trail at only 50 minutes from Madrid airport. Around the nicest peaks of Madrid Sierra, Peñalara Society is getting into action. 110km and +/+15,000ft, with an ample 36h hour limit and 6 towns where to get a rest area. It will be held 3th July 2010.

It is said to be the Spanish reaction to UTMB, but on a more accesible scale.

Within some weeks the site will have the entry forms ready (initially limited to 500). In case their site sucks or it gets too difficult to compete for a race bib with local rabbits, you can use my email (or reply in this forum) as a contact.

 And oh yes I shall be in the entry list. Cheers,



  • may be one for the future Luis - the bulk of the pirates will be doing the long distance tri Challenge Roth in July, so doubt there will be many takers for 2010.
  • 3 miles ascent in 110k sounds like a toughie. I'm assuming it's circular, so 3 miles descent, too?

    What's the terrain like? On- or off-road, or mixed?
  • Sounds good to me, although will be scorchio at that time of year.
  • Hi Luis-if this race is as well organised as the Avila 50k was then this will be a great race, is it up near Avila at all. How are you keeping? Is the Avila race still going? The year i did it is was so cold on the start line and the following week you had lots of snow. Do you have the discounted accomodation again?

    As UI says a lot of us will be in Germany to an Ironman distance triathlon

  • Luis - I would be very interested in hearing more details about this event. I will keep popping in here and see if there are any updates. Just psyching myself up for my 10k Race tomorrow, i was thinking 10 energy gels should be enough..................image
  • MI-if Luis organises this event as well as the other one i did back in 2005, it will go as smooth as clockwork, from the accomodation, to the buses to the start , the marshalls everything and everyone was fantastic and great value for money....good luck with your 10k tomorrow.image

  • Dear all,

    We have a race date for 2011. 25-26/June. After a great ultra trail
    debut success, our Gran Trail Peñalara (GTP) comes back again with a
    110km course and +5.000m gain only at ... 30 minute drive from Madrid!
    Great city and loads of things to do.

    Our race website has some basic information in English already. Photos
    from 2010, race profile, sections,
    Please give it close look and do not hesitate to contact me (Race
    overseas PR) at

    More info (in English) at

    Remember: We are a UTMB qualifying race!

    ¡¡¡Entries available from 10 January!!!

    Luis Arribas
    PR Overseas, GTP Race Board

  • Tonka Boy, I am not so much involved on the GTP board. I am only helping as overseas PR as well as entrant (check last year results, I do running too!).

    But I can pass some more info about pure-Luis' style eventsimage It was great to have you all British contingent here.


  • Entries open 10th Jan.

    We had a 500 runners sold out in days in 2009, so you'd probably need to make an early winter plan. There is no need to worry about flights and so, as Madrid Airport is connected with several cities with loads of flights (both regular and low cost) in the UK.

    More to come. Any qestions on race profile, terrain?

  • Hi everyone.

    Entries will be open 10th January. It is expected we reach the entry limit within some days. So please go getting your holidays organised!!

    Race website at work, we are updating all information in English too. Further questions you may have please email me or post here.

    Some section of the race course is being redesigned. But the overall climb and aid stations remains pretty much the same. 110km and +5500m

    Cheers, Luis

  • Entries are open.

    At you can click on race info and regulations. If you have problems on how to proceed with entries, just post here.

    Cheers, Luis

  • We are trying to make entry process more simple and accesible for those non-Spanish speakers.

     An FAQs, just post here.

    Cheers, Luis

  • To cheer you up,

    Some Picasa albums with tons of pictures

    Images from a shadowy pinewood around km 35:
    Front and backstage at the aid station checkpoint km 40: Alto Morcuera (1800m )
    It had all started with some light rain... km 15.

  • Guys and girls,

     All the map and waypoint info is already available. English info on course and regulations too. See for all necessary issues.

    Moreover, email me in case you need extra help. Entries still available. Get your summer ultra under agenda!

    Regards, Luis

  • Have you been rejected at some ultra lottery?
    Just bought a brand new fifth pair of trail shoes?
    Did your local MP threat to jog with you?

    Still some entries available. Strangely, there is no Briton at the startline yet.

    Remember, a short version this year /78km and the classic long ultra trail /110km.

  • One month to go.
    Entries available.

    All of you leaving it for 2012?

  • Back to action in 2012.

    Race date 23 June 2012.

    A new 60k beginners course (15h limit).

    Course details, maps, kmz track and basic info in English.
    Rest of web details in English within 3 or 4 days.

    Entries are marching ok (20% sold) but beginners 'baby trail 60k' might get more than the 150 bibs if really succesful in attracting more runners.

    Check flight prices and decide image
    It is a rough mountain trail just 60 minutes from Madrid Airport.

    Facebook (also english speakers)ñalara/210042249080573
    twitter @GTPenalara
  • Entries picling up. Two events are becoming rather booked. The long daddy and the baby 60k.
    So far, no foreign entrants yet.
    Be the first image
  • Pity, three french trailrunners did!

    First britons?...
  • We opened the typical FB channel for quick communication (myself behind it):ñalara/210042249080573
  • All info is already in English.
    Please save this URL at your favourites.

    About 40% race bibs sold. Get yours!
  • This looks great. Got very cheered up when saw it especially after CCC rejection, but can't do the date. Is one to add to the list for next year for sure!

    Hope it goes well and thanks for keep posting the info.
  • I will keep on posting all the info. image

    Just spread the word around your trailing mates.
  • Long distance 110km reaching the 50% occupation.
    The tough 80k little brother, very much free already.
    But watch out, less than 40 bibs free for the baby born 60km for beginners.

    Take it into account. Limited entries!

  • Sold out at the shortest 60k distance, pity although race board is amazed. image

    But there is still a 30% of bibs available for 80k and 110km. Why not to give it a go and discover these (snow-covered at the moment) mountains?
    You'd be surprised of how wild it can get at only 40 miles from the city.
  • Some 50 entries extra for the little event (60k)!! image

    Already about 70 available at the Gran Trail. And it is months to come! Blokes at the race board are quite happy but I say, 'where my Brits are?'

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