Running with your dog?



  • Thanks stephen...he is already developing a cheeky side to his character...typical terrier...big attitude in a small frame. He is still in the fright/flight stage but is getting on okay.

    I'm looking forward to gentle runs with him...he is only 17 weeks so still a little too young to do too much vigourous exercise. 

    He has already had the bath/blowdry OH likes to keep him nice and clean..although he was less than impressed with it all.

    Agree about the comment regarding dogs for pets. We lost our westie in August and only managed 3 weeks before we went and found this new addition to the household. Abit of a difference between a 10 year old westie and a Norfolk lie-ins for us on the weekend at the moment...all good stuff though.image  

  • My regular standard run is round Poole Bay and 6 miles and have been taking my dog, a Springer, once or twice a week for a couple of years. A harness is better than a collar when the leash needs to go on and I always have a flashing light on her if its dark. She is about 9 years old now and whilst still as daft as only a Springer can be and getting a little portly she is great to run with though. The leash is sometimes awkward so we do tend to try for paths and quiet roads and she is actually very good at running to heel after her toileting has been attended too. Don't forget to stick a small plastic bag in your shorts pocket (sandwhich bags work well) just in case of "accidents" (from the dog, not you)

  • Hi
    I have run with my two springer spaniels for 8 years, they love it and never run off, we always run off road.
  • All interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to running with my GSD. Any ideas on the best lead / harness combination? Will be mix terrain of country roads, tracks and trails image
  • I love running with my Springer but theres not many places to run near my house without him needing to be on his lead.  There is park and canal but obviously have to keep stopping to clean his messes up which interrupts the run a bit image

     The other thing I find is when I road run with him he tries to stop and wee at every lampost which is a bit sore on the back and arms!

     Ah well I will keep persisting wth him I am hoping one day he'll just run! 

     Does anyone know where you get the leads that go around your waist?

  • The leads, with elasticised sections are for Cannicross, a sort of team race of dog and runner. The leash is attached to a belt to leave the runners arms free. I got hold of a cheap version, the real ones are bitingly expensive, just to try and found it awful. Perhaps with perseverance both I and Tess (the dog) would have gotten used to it but it looked silly, felt silly and was no improvement over just having a medium length leash and harness on the dog. Ditched it. Cannicross does look fun but both she and I are just a little bit old to start.

  • Nah, you can't be too old. My Spring Spice and I did the Canicross Neolithic Marathon in 2008. We were 11 and 58 years old at the time and it was an absolute blast.

    I don't do the other canicross events as the run is only 5k and it does not seem worth all the hassle of travelling there when I've got plenty of decent runs on my doorstep.

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