I've just been shot by a paintball!

There i was happily plodding my way round my usual route when i felt a sharp pain in my back quickly followed by two more. I've then realised it was pink paint fired from a paintball gun by some lads in a car that made a quick get away. Now i've had abuse shouted at me but never "come under fire". Didn't even get a chance to get the car plate before it vanished. Bloody stupid those things can blind can't they??


  • Cikey. I'd report it.

  • Unbelievable. I was once "shot" at with water from a garden hose, but a paint gun...that's downright dangerous.

    Stupid b**st**rds.

  • That's awful, you must be quite shocked.  You ought to report it...  nothing can be done, but it'll be intelligence for someone in the future.
  • phone the law
  • D2D - I'll say rural but we have a far amount of chav's. Hurt? yep got a lovely lump in the middle of my back.
  • Definately report it.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I wasn't running at the time but walking with a mate to the pub when I got hit by an air pellet fired from a passing chavmobile. Good job I wasn't in running shorts but jeans, because it broke the skin and caused a lovely multicoloured bruise that lasted for a couple of weeks.

    Thing is, my mate's in the army and in the last 20 years has been to the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. I've been in sunny Reading all that time, and I'm the one who's been shot!

  • Report it. Friend of mine had a houseplant thrown at her while cycling. It knocked her off her bike. She reported it, police came round took statement etc as it is assault.

    Were you able to at least see what sort of car?

  • Definitely phone the law - those things are effin' lethal.  Get hit in the eye and that's it - you're blinded for life.  Fu£&ing morons need to be thrown in the cells image
  • I knew a guy who lost one of his bollocks after being shot in the crotch with a paintball....

  • I know someone who used his bollocks as ammo!
  • Car was a blue focus (and Essex is full of them!), phoned the police, advised to pop into the local station if i wish to make a report.
  • Id say that is very dangerous. I used to play paintball seriously and most markers fire the balls out at around 300 feet/second. It that hits you in the eye it would do some serious damge. Worse still if by fluke it hit someone in the throat...nasty.

    Id definatly report it so at least the plod is aware this is going on around that area.

  • Report it.

    Just because you didn't get the registration doesn't mean someone else didn't. They are likely to have shot at others and maybe someone got the reg and reported it. They will get this offence added to the list.

    A 'friend of mine' may have used a water pistol out of a car window in 'his' youth. Someone saw it and reported it as a weapon, gave the registration to the police. My, oops I mean his mum got a visit from armed police. Full stake out of the house and everything

    He, whoever he was got a severe telling off I can tell you. Stupid little git - but I'm more sensible now.

  • I bet you wont be the only one hit - they've probably shot at a couple of people. Hopefully one of them will have got their details, or maybe they've gone past a camera on their spree. Idiots.
  • Hopefully someone took their paintball gun off them and shoved it up their arse
  • The little fcukers need a good thrashing in the balls with barbed wire.  After hearing the stories about runners being attacked lately, I'm going to start carrying a ball bearing or a marble, just in case.  The scumbags will soon regret doing it if their back window gets fcuked in!!!
  • At least you have the car make and colour. Ok so in the sarf east the home of ford there will be lots, but someone else may also report it....in whihc case you could be critical.
  • I echo the thoughts of everyone here. I used to do a lot of recreational paintball and it was well understood by all involved that it was totally unacceptable and dangerous to discharge the gun anywhere other than a proper paintball site. Even an enclosed back garden is pushing it.

    You just can't account for bloody chavs. Painful death is too good for them. 

    And I'm annoyed at the police - someone has shot at you with a gun and you have to be proactive and go to the station if  YOU want to report it? They won't pursue it themselves as a matter of public safety? Appalling.

  • petedaddy - www.peteruns.com wrote (see)

    And I'm annoyed at the police - someone has shot at you with a gun and you have to be proactive and go to the station if  YOU want to report it? They won't pursue it themselves as a matter of public safety? Appalling.

    What do you want them to do Pete? Send out the armed response team, hunting down every Ford Focus owner in the area and kicking in their door in the middle of the night and dragging them off to the cells to get a confession?

    The guy was shot b a paintball. He can give only basic details. If he wants to report it then he should. It's not right what happened, but unfortunately the police do have more important sh*t to deal with...

  • Someone made a good point earlier - even if you don't get the reg or more than a basic description, there's a fair chance they'll have been caught on a CCTV camera somewhere nearby. When I got peppered with the air pellets I never thought of that so didn't bother report it ... wish I had now.
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