Halstead & Essex Marathon

Hippo where are you?



  • Better get this on the calendar!
  • Think hubby will be working for this one image
  • Yay when do entries open? are we getting on-line? or via Halsteads website?

     As I've marshalled the last 2 years a mile 6ish I've decided to run it this time and can't wait, although have now got the lurgy image

  • Hooray! Calendar marked...
  • Hello Slow Duck and others, thanks for the reminder about this one, it's one of the good ones. My calendar also marked.
  • Hello all, this ones marked on my calendar!

    Missed last year due to injury, I'll make shure i stay out of trouble during the VLM!

  • all ready waiting here.
  • anyone know when online entry opens on this one?
  • Nope - but wish they'd hurry up need somethink to aim for with this horrid weather.
  • Online entry seems to be open now. 3rd year for me.

  • Really wanted to do this again next year as I blew up big time in the 2009 race. Unfortunately it is a bit too close to the Comrades Marathon image

    It is a lovely race, so if anyone is thinking of doing it, think no longer and sign up!

  • I have always wanted to do this...............so............................
  • Dam....I'm doing the Hampshire Hilly Hundred that day image

    Ah well, 2011 then....nice little loosener for GUCR image And it will be five years since I first ran it (and did my first mara too)

  • AJH - I thought you had done this marathon before. It is a fab marathon and there some support at the cross over point near the pub.  Bernard like it he could see me 4 time at this race. Last year there was a small Fetch point and it rock.
  •  well thats me booked up for may image just got the small matter of training to get done now ,looking forward to the early morning long runs

  • @WarrenK78 - it's three weeks before Comrades so you should be ok - you can run it slowly as your last long training run... (I'm intending to do both...)

  • Ok entered OH and Moi - now training to do.

  • I'm waiting to find out what else might be possible before I commit to this one.
  • I'm in too!
  • I'm thinking of doing this.  I don't mind hills, but does anyone know if it's silly hilly?  If anyone's done the Roding Valley Half or the Finchley 20,  are the hills about on that scale?  Also, I assume there's no limit on numbers, as I think they accept entries on the day.

  • Clearly you guy have noticed but entries are now open for the 2010 Halstead & Essex Marathon.

    Roll up, roll up. Get 'em while they're hot! image

  • Excellent. Can't wait, loved the course and support in 08 but the hot weather took it's toll. image

    Missed this year as it was too close to FLM. Didn't get accepted in VLM so no probs next year.

    I Will sign up when I get home (can't remember my UKA reg number)

  • Guys,

    Keep your fingers crossed for me this year. I trained for 7 months to do this (would have been my first marathon) for 2009 and my knee gave way a week before the race. I was in a straightjacket, bashing my head against the wall.

    Up for it in 2010 and rareing to go!


  • Wake up everyone - it's 2010 and time to get moving . . . !
  • ok I have entered.

    First time I appear to be free on the right weekend. image

  • Hey great AJH - see you there.
  • Ooh lovely! Friends to see image

    A guy I used to work with wants to do a first  marathon and I suggested this to him. He is a bit quicker than me at a half but I reckon he wont mind slowing down a bit for a full......well I bloody hope so!

    The guy I work with now flatly refused to do a marathon but we are going to do a 10k together image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Anyone know if entries get filled up early for this one?
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