Halstead & Essex Marathon



  • Well done all you Halstead runners, great day for me too, got my goal of a FGFA time for next years London. Happy with that!

    Met some top people too, the massage at the end was just what I needed, I'm not walking backwards down stairs at the mo!

    See you next year Halstead road runners, fantastic event as always!


  • adrian felladrian fell ✭✭✭
    Tracey G wrote (see)
    adrian - was it you I shouted the time to in the later stages of your race?

    I'm not actually sure, I was a bit oblivious by the end!   Myself & another Harlow runner finished almost together, he was the tall one, I was the stocky one!

    Sore today!

  • What a brilliant marathon - so different from London, felt a lot more relaxed and the route was beautiful. Really well organised too! Was great to meet you Liz - well done on your time! Can't believe I PB'd too finishing in 4.07 Happy Days! Legs quite (actually Very) sore today, am def. not as chipper as I was after VLM but the pain was worth it image. Ooooo that grassy hill at the end tho - brought tears to my eyes!

    This is one for my calendar next year that's for sure!

  • Well HRR did it again. They have set a high standard but still seem capable of producing something even better than the previous year. This year''s goodie bag was superb. I prefer the sunshine to yesterday's cool weather but I guess I'm out on my own on that one - and it's not something over which HRR has much control.

    Thanks to the marshalls and water station operatives for your efficiency and cheery encouragement. Special thanks to my own clubmates from Witham Running CLub who manned the 6/18 mile stop. I understand one or two runners benefited from their picnic goodies. I'm not sure whether a sausage roll got them round faster but I'm sure that those who did have one enjoyed it!

     I dipped in under 5 hours so did as well as I expected. It's a pity there was no happy ending to a perfect day but well done Chelsea. The Reds  will be back again next year.... as I will be back at Halstead D.V.

  • I'm gutted.    Especially now I've read all your comments about how great this race was and the PBs etc.  Couldn't make it in the end, too many family members up for the weekend and wanting to go to the pub Saturday night (VE Day celebrations) and country show Sunday.  We had a lovely weekend, I got royally drunk Saturday night - first proper drink since Christmas so it didn't take a lot - and a very relaxing day at the country show oh but how I wished I'd be able to do Halstead.  Will definitely sign up for next year even if I do do London or Brighton (both on the same day) first.

     Well done to all of you who ran.

  • Hello -  I was at Fetchpoint at the 4 mile marker. Here are my photos, feel free to download if I happen to have got a photo of you.


  • Ah brilliant - thanks VicnVin!

  • What a great race def back next year. Thanks to everyone involved in making this such a top event, unfortunately I did not get to meet as many of you as I had liked but the ones I did were all top people! image.

    Bring on 2011!

  • Was there a race photographer?

  • Yes, Mark.... and the pics are already up on line... www.myeventphoto.co.uk

  • Excellent!
  • good grief I've found 4 photos of me and I'm winning a gurning competition all of themimage
  • Hello people,

    I had a fantastic day and finished inside my goal of 4 hours (3.57)! Was really sick Sunday night and am pretty sure it was the energy gels as I otherwise felt fine.

    Really enjoyed coming on this message board and I'm glad so many had a great day.

    All the bestimage

  • Hi Everyone

    The race was a wonderful event. Well done all the organisers!

    This was my 2nd Marathon. In both around the 21 mile mark, I got increasing ache in the front of both thighs. Which increased tremendously when going down hill.

    Any tips on how I can reduce/stop this in the future?



  • Was happy 3.22 - V40- .. up & down all round.. image
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