• you people are cwazy!!
  • He must be mad

    and it must be boring at night
  • We can still go and watch him though!
  • Barking

    BTW Chris, did you used to work for Coopers and Lybrand in Nottingham? I used to know a Chris Hall who looked like your pic and worked there and ran triathalons. But this was a very long time ago ...
  • I thought an hour on the treadmill was boring enough. Does he get to watch telly?
  • sure he's going to get a bit self conscious with hundreds of people staring at him while he sweats away. respect. ill go see.
  • Monique has started a thread on this and the great man himself has posted a message.

    I'll see if I can find/boing it.
  • LizzyB - not me, never been anywhere north of Watford
  • (Psst Chris. LizzyB tries that one on all the blokes. You aint seen me right?)
  • hope his treadmill doesn't stop after an hour like the ones I use in my local gym. bet that would piss him off.
  • Chris ...It was you it was, you're just deluding yourself. And you had a girlfriend called Andrea in the accounts department.

    Psst Chimp It's worked before ....

    BTW Anyone who can do five minutes on a treadmill deserves a long service medal. I mean, they're so dull. Running is better cos you can stop suddenly and stroke cats/admire people's gardens etc.
  • perhaps someone will stand behind him and tut and shake their head disapprovingly.

    LizzyB - you got me...
  • hope he doesnt need the loo with all that jogging up and down
    like it fatbutt!
  • back to the toilet humour eh Daz?
  • you got it bud.....i think the thread reached 'that stage'
  • lasted a shocking 16 posts!
  • heh, yeh thats about right.
    q now is how do i turn it around, get the thread back on track and make up for my behaviour??
  • I can't help you there
  • Sorry Chris, just noticed it's your thread. If I keep posting a decent reply then it'll show up on a new page of messages
  • There just done it.

    So Chris.....a very interesting topic. Can you per chance tell us when exactly this person will be partaking in this particularly event?
  • No idea, I just work here
  • hey Daz - see me doing that with my belly? need a special treadmill and reinforced glass window for when the old wobbly bits start resonating.
  • That dude looks like a chicken
  • you calling me a dude bro?
  • no, a chicken, or a turkey
  • Ok that's alright then
  • hahahahahaha
  • fatbutt,
    i bet you have to buy an indutrial sized tub of vaseline to lubricate yourself before races?
  • not far wrong there Daz. and you should see me in lycra!
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