Full Speed Ahead for the Outlaw

OK you fast guys and girls please help me out.  I have 3 IMs under my belt with an 11:50 PB  I feel I still have a faster race in me, I am in for the Outlaw next year and as I reach the tender age of 50 next year I want to blast it. Please feel free to share the knowledgeimage. I am not planning on starting training in anger until January but will be spending the time till then maintaining my general fitness by mountain biking, trail running, riding my fixed into work .

The things I specifically want to work on this winter are core strength and swim technique (not distance yet)  anybody got some tips/sessions they want to share or some advice as to what I really SHOULD need to be doing at the moment. 


  • On request from some peeps I post our Tuesday tri club swim sessions on the Crap Swimmers thread after I get home from training . I'm not a good swimmer but some of our group are and we all do the same workout.
  • Thanks Ultra I will have a look at those nobody got any good core strenght sessions/routines?
  • Try finding your local chain-gang and cycle with them all winter.  Will help develop, strength and speed.
  • interesting RBM - I have 3 IM under my belt with a PB of 11:54 and I'm kind of thinking that Outlaw (when we get the course details) could be a quick course so maybe a PB attempt for me as well - but I'll be 57 when I do it so it's going to be a tough ask.

    core strength - Pilates although they can take ages to produce results so get a good gym session from an instructor as these are likely to be more intense - Pilates can be a bit too relaxed for us more outgoing types!

    as Doozer says - get out and ride lots. MTB over winter mixed with road is good to build leg strength, stamina and power - it's also muddy fun as well

    for swimming - 1:1 coaching is probably best
  • FB I have PBed consecutivly for the last 2 years in 1/2 maras 1:27 and then 1:25 at the grand old age of 48/49 on a tough course - Plymouth, mainly due to ditching all the rubbish and focusing on fairly hard quality sessions thats why I am thinking I have more in the IM box for my 50th so I am sure we can get there and show some of these youngsters a clean pair of heelsimage.  I hear  what you say about Pilates I was thinking about yoga its something me and Mrs RB could do together ,I am loving the MTB at the mo getting covered in cr@p and falling off still not to confident on technical downhill stuff tho image  
  • Oh that sounded like fighting talk!!!! This youngster wishes he was doing it now image
  • My dad was 57 when he had his first heart attack!
  • AndrewSmith wrote (see)
    My dad was 57 when he had his first heart attack!

    Thats wot I am trying to prevent with all this running around as I have a serious chip, choclate and red
    wine habit to support!

    Doozer. wrote (see)

    Oh that sounded like fighting talk!!!! This youngster wishes he was doing it now image

    thats one of the things that spurs me on in a race if iam going past peeps in their 20/30s on the latest 4k Cervelo I am a happy (old) manimage

  • Who told you I had a cervelo..... image
  • smiffy - my dad died at 64 of a single heart attack......so I set myself a target of outliving him as he went too young imho. it's one of the reasons I do these daft things like IM and ultras so I can keep my CV system as healthy as possible

    and like RBM - I have some food and drink habits to support....... image

    and there's nothing like kicking the arses of youngsters 20+ years younger who should be doing better - but it's a pisser though when your age compatriots are so much quicker. my a/g winner at Kona - 10:21 ffs!!

  • I'm with you FB - and that's the reason I keep on going even if I don't do so well as the rest of you. You've seen my family history of stroke/hypertension/cholesterol/heart disease - like you I intend to go on as long as I can.

    Am in my 50th year of running!

  • Sheesh, The Ship of Fools has turned into Saga Holidays while I was out to lunch ...
  • You are permanently out to lunch
  • Cheer Mouldy, all part of the Burger Boy training plan image
  • few sandwiches short of a picnic though
  • SAGA? sex and games for the aged!
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