Runners World Magazine - continue subs?

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I'm starting to think that perhaps no one works at Runners World and that they just recycle old stories and change a few bits to make it seems up to date. I'm actually finding the mag quite boring and only spend about 25 mins flicking through before chucking it on the pile of old magazines. I feel that the large section dedicated to upcoming races is a waste of space, considering that the majority of people have Internet access and can get access to these events on this site or other running sites. On the other hand, I find the Running Fitness magazine a lot more interesting, with better stories and more to read.

I'm thinking about cancelling my subscription. I look forward to the magazine every month but it always leaves me feeling disappointed. Am I going to be missing out on anything by cancelling?


  • Honestly, from experience, I haven't felt I've been missing out since I cancelled.
  • cancel
  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭
    So nobody thinks it's worth sticking with it?
  • cancel - repetitive nonsense

  • I still pay, but only because I enjoy the website and feel I should contribute.

    RF has been quite good the last year or so, but still the trouble with running is it seems there is only so much you can write about it as far as I can see.
  • Wot Welsh Alex said

    If the mag goes under, then so does this forum.  It's the only reason I still subscribe.

  • Or they could offer web only acccess like a lot of magazines do now.

    How much would you pay for that? image

  • I emailed about web-only subs recently as I would like to read all the articles but don't want a mag cluttering up my house.  Had no response.  Read all my papers online now.
  • Has everyone received their December mags, 'cos I haven't!!   Reckon it's got stuck in a pile of unsorted mail somewhere!!

  • I read it on the toilet. When I am finished with it, it does come in handy from time to time.
  • Jay586 wrote (see)
    I emailed about web-only subs recently as I would like to read all the articles but don't want a mag cluttering up my house.  Had no response.  Read all my papers online now.
    The online sub only question has come up a few times, even in the short time I've been here. My guess is the profit is in the newcomers who buy the mags, and not the forum image  Also, ithere's some forumites on here that help a lot of newcomers to the forum, and they may chuff off because they don't want to pay to help....
  • Most of the stuff in the mag you can find on this site. Even RWUSA have alot to offer.
    The problem with RWUK is that its the same rubbish every month. Same layout, same features.
    There`s little inspiring and it more becoming a beginners RW. They don`t give out gifts anymore
    like training log, race diary, etc.

    I have been stuck to RW and before Running for 17 years as well as Running Fitness and before that Today`s Runner. I want a running mag that can give me ideas, adverture, inspiration. I look at cycling and triathon mags and wonder why RW can take some of their ideas.

  • I resubscribed - simply because we have new business premises and I needed something for the waiting room mag table (I got the watch and it didn't work - gits image )
  • Gives me something to read on the bog image
  • its not too bad if you use your tesco clubcard points to subscribe, then its not real money is it?
  • I suppose a magazine that is essentially about putting one foot in front of the other, repeatedly and quickly can only ever have so much to write about.  Think about it - most magazines trawl out the same issues month in month out, with a different picture, and written from a different angle.  Unless it is news thing about current events (even this is all cyclical), then all mags eventually say the same things anyway.

    If you don't like it, cancel it.....but the more people that don't pay and just use the forum are probably putting it at risk of being canned, then where will we be?!  Look at some of the global newspapers that have gone under because everyone uses the online versions.  We all want convenience that we don't want to pay for, but we'll be scuppered when it disappears through lack of funding.

     Sorry, I'm obviously in a ranting mode!

  • The trouble I find with Running Fitness is that it sorely needs better proofreading. It is invariably full of typos and many articles are just not that well written. RW looks more professional and I generally do find lots of bits and pieces to read, but then having said that, I haven't been subscribing to it for long so I may feel differently  when everything starts to get more recycled image

    There should be free gifts though.image

  • I changed my mind. RW was even more boring in the old days.

  • Sheri12 wrote (see)

    The trouble I find with Running Fitness is that it sorely needs better proofreading. It is invariably full of typos and many articles are just not that well written.

    Doesn't it! And its type face is so random... far too many different fonts jarring on one page. Like a noob's attempt at word processing.

    As for RW, it's all bliddy adverts and I'm convinced the 'Star' letters are made up like Viz image

  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭

    My biggest problem with it is that there just seems hardly anything to read, with a good 50% (not a fact) of the magazine taken up by ads and race events (the reviews are ok but don't see the point in listing all the running events in each area.

     I didn't know you could use Tesco points.  Will have to look into this.

    Running Fitness just seems more interesting.  I may jump ship.  Thanks for all your views.

  • I got RF subscription at the pre FLM exhibition in 2004, and I might cancel - but its still better than RW. I still just have a quick flick  of RW at Euston - I don't even buy it when I'm drunk now imageit is stupidly expensive.

    Probably the worse thing is the repetitiveness - New year - build up to the marathon - after marathon - DO A 5K short race now!!...summer running....then back to marathon build up.

    Amazed no one has mentioned Athletics weekly - have a peek, its probably better than you think, alot more inclusive than it used to be - great articles, results, interviews and races.

  • Its better reading RW when drunk. You find it more entertaining.

    AW is good but it caters the track and field. Not great if you a runner. Plus its weekly and expensive.
  • I haven't missed it at all since I cancelled.  In fact, I'd forgotten about it until I saw this thread.
  • Anyone tried Running TImes from the states, sometimes seen it in Borders, clearly the races are US biased, but seems to have more scientific bits about training and racing than RW
  • Running Times is published by Runners World funny enough.
  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭
    RW UK has scientific bits too. Like this months fantastic article on how to go up kerbs, run round corners, and shock horror, overtake in a race. How I will live without this valuable information if I cancel I don't know. I'll be tripping over and bumping into people on every single run.
  • As someone who works on the editorial side of publishing (I'm nothing to do with RW or any sister titles, or any of its adversaries come to that), it's worth me pointing out that the recession has put intense pressure on budgets and advertising, especially in print media, has really suffered. What this means in practice, as in lots of businesses, is essentially that magazines employ fewer people to do similar amounts of work - in fact, usually more given the increasing demands of internet publishing. Inevitably, quality suffers, whether it's magazines falling back on the tried and trusted formulas that have brought in readers and advertisers in the past, or simply not doing so much 'real' news any more and relying on what press departments give them, or not having enough time or bodies in place to do a proper subbing/proofreading job, or having an overworked art editor/department frantically trying to get as many pages through as possible.
    More than ever before, publishing, from huge national papers to the smallest charity magazine, is run by accountants looking at the bottom line. This means attracting advertisers above everything else, and sod the quality of the editorial content. It's shortsighted, and loses subscribers (in my opinion), but I'm afraid that's how it is.
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