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Hi All,
has anyone got a pair of Nike lunarglide. I have read a lot about them and seen videos etc on the web but I cant find a shop that sells them in Belfast so i cant go have a proper look or try them on etc. I can order them online from wiggle,sweatshop etc but I would like to find out a bit more about them.
I'm really struggling with ITB strain at the minute, i currently wear brooks adrenaline which are moderate stability but I'm not 100% sure they are right for me. I have had my gait analysed twice and i do pronate but the first test said i only need mild support the second said moderate. I think the problem is that both feet are different and i hear the lunarglides can offer support independently to each foot.
What do you think? Should I risk it and order a pair online?


  • i was told i was a moderate pronator but had so much trouble with the shoes gait analysis put me in my left foot just kept moving in the shoe and i was getting terrible blisters and ankle problems, i changed to lunarglides, fantastic they are the best thing i have done, in my opinion miracle trainers,  trouble is you they are sold out everywhere at the moment i have been unable to find anyone that has them in stock, nike store said they get in new stock every 48 hours and to keep checking the website

    good luck

  • I over pronate and run in Asics Kayano.  I tried the lunarglides when they first came out and they gave me a pain in my left knee.  Thought it was coincidence so went back to Kayanos until knee was better, then tried again and the knee pain came back.  So obviously no good for me.  It was a shame because they are really comfortable and I now just use them for the gym.

  • thanks guys, last two posts are conflicting which confuses me, I think Im a moderate pronator like geraldine who said they are great (even though they are marketed for the neutral or mild pronator) but its a worry that they gave runnersbeen knee pain as the whole reason i am looking at them is to help me with ITBS. My brooks trance seem to be doing an OK job but they are heavily cushioned and heavy in general, i like the idea of a lightweight running shoe but I'm 13.5 stone and I hear that the these shoes and nikes in general don't stand up to a good pounding.
    I've heard a local shop has them in stock so i might go have a look at them and see how they feel, cheers for the advice.
  • have them in stock, but with yellow soles not orange
  • I've found Lunarglides to be really good. They fit well, are very comfortable and seem to encourage good smooth footstrike. The cushioning is nice and soft, without being too pillowy. I'm neutral with maybe a touch of pronation on my left foot and they seem to deal with this no problems. Don't feel the support like I do in 'normal' stability shoes.

    A number of people seem to be using them having been in pretty serious stability shoes before - Kayanos etc. Some seem to do OK, but I wouldn't think they provide anything like the support of shoes like that so in a sense it's no wonder some people have trouble. I'd say they are for neutral to mild/medium pronators.

    On the negative side they don't contain Lunar foam - the name implies it and other Lunar shoes (Lunar Trainier, Lunar Racer) do but the Lunarglides are just plain EVA. This means they don't tend to last so long and may get crushed pretty quickly by heavy runners (like me). They are a good looking shoe, but for some reasons have been made in very ugly colours.

    Overall they are very good, feel great and seem to make you run faster. The fact that everyone has sold out is a pretty good indication of how good they are.

  • I found that you need to be careful with the size of these shoes. They are bigger than normal Nike sizes. Particularly in terms of width. Which with my little feet turned out to be a problem. Better to try them first
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