1st marathon

I'm running the Edinburgh Marathon next may and I've heard quite a lot about the FIRST plan from the Furman Institute.  I also intend to buy the book 'run less run faster'. 

I've not got a particular time in mind for the marathon as it's my first one, I just want to give myself the best chance of a good time with a rreduced chance of injury in the training. (I've read that this plan is good for people who are injury prone).

I'm currently just getting my base milage up after another bout of shin splints.  (think i've banished those for good now though...touch wood). 

Has anyone else on here tried the FIRST program?  and if so did they have success with it?


  • Not trying the FIRST program, but there is a thread on it I believe somewhere over in Training... Apparently the cross training part of it is essential I think I read... If you're doing Edinburgh then come join us on the Edinburgh thread over in events... inserts linky thing
  • Also there is a long thread about it on the VLM forum entitled somehting like "3 runs per week schedule".

    I try to follow its general principles and find it enjoyable and much more interesting than the constant running of most training plans. Most important point is that just because the running mileage is reduced it's not any easier than another plan. You just put your saved running effort into other activities, and also try to ensure that every run has a purpose. 

  • Thanks guys, I'll try the two of those links tonight after work

    I realise that the three runs a week will all be hard going but I think I'll enjoy that a lot more.  As well as fit the cross training in by cycling to work those days. 

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