Calling all Virgin London Marathon 2010 hopefuls



  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    now now children lets all play nicely .... well until they announce the list of contenders!

    ****Sits quietly in the corner****
  • I really don't see what people are getting upset about here.  Everybody is entitled to make a pitch for a place.  I would imagine it will come down to having a good range of runners, some interesting stories, people who have commitment to training who will not let them down - some with a track history and some who are trying to make a track history.

    I would hope that whoever is selected makes everyone feel welcome on their thread, whether they're posting for the umpteenth thousandth time or their first post.

  • in alast bid to win something I have sent my entry  in MahhhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhI have probably given evrery one else a better chance of winning

    If i get in maybe I will stop going to the pubb

    If and I say a bif g if I get to the nexr t= rounfd please don'rt voe for me

    I would take it seriuosly and try abn di ot probablyimageimageimage and might evenf= give op breeimage

  • ooooooooooooooooooon the other  hand

    from RW point of view why not offer something money cant buy *see above prize*

    why? well it brings in new members to the forum, you never know some might post more than once in a lifetime,those new people will sometimes come back to the site look at races enter a few, look  at shops buy a bra and gels etc maybe earn "a bit for chariddy mate"

    and RW can say to potential advertsiers, well we had X amount of new members this year to our forums and we have X amounts of individual hits to the site per month,so yes as an advertiser we are a good deal.

     RW are onto a winner, Lucozade pays for it all, 6 people get a great prize

    X amount of new members will get an email featuring selected advertisers and we get a free forum

     so really I dont mind if someone is a new kid on the block as long as they enter into the spirit of it all

  • Ha ha, love the party idea pete. image

  • Also the mentors benefit as they get paid by RW for doing so and also get to showcase their running knowledge to people who may be interested in hiring them as coaches in the future.
  • I don't wear a bra!............imageimage
  • I do when the wifes out
  • I'm sure that they will pick a mixture of regular posters and new posters, as they have done in the past. Why shouldn't new posters be allowed to enter? The competition is advertised off the forum as well.

    Just the usual comments from the usual people who think they own the forum, which is one of the reason why I rarely post on here nowadays.

  • I do when i'm drunk (whether my wife's out or not)

    Well said Fat Face!

  • Actually, it's a comfort to know that it's no less rude and agressive on here than it is on Real buzz!...I feel quite at home!....image~
  • oh no this is tame for this forum
  • entry sent
  • After reading a few pages I'm now panicking that I didn't sell myself well enough on the application.....I just told my story!!! I hope it is enough to get me shortlisted as I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaly want the opportunity that this comp offers....yes I'm new to the forum old schoolers, have only been reading RW hardcopy for last few months as only started running in june for a 10k.....competed the dublin marathon on 26th oct in 3.48 and want to see just how well I'd do with proper training and advice....
  • Gawd.  Due to a computer crash I don't have records of lots of my race times.  Trying to find my pb's all over the web... Gets hard when one of them is now officially down as a DNF due to being outside the cut off, but luckily I found that on an old blog...
  • Hangy on there folks-would I have to buy a new bra & stuff...... I'm super skint so unless I sell my body (might make a few pennies) I'll by running in my aldi specials!
  • I've signed up as well but am virtually a brand new runner having started in June.  It sounds an amazing opportunity, and to whomever gets it, I wish the best of luck!


  • Well, as a lurker ... you lot have made me laugh for varying reasons ... underwear not withstanding.

    But, I saw the competition, didn't think too hard, because I knew if I did, I would wuss out .... and now wonder if I ought to have thought it through a lot more in order to attempt to sell myself, and then again, I looked at the training schedules on offer, after I'd read other's posts (oh dear, I really wasn't thinking it through now was I .. i.e., I didn't realise the interest!) and see that the slowest schedule for it would be 5hrs .. and I, um, may possibly, perhaps, potentially have quoted 6hrs ... ah well.

    In my heart of hearts I'm secretly hoping they'll go with an outsider (me!) .. but equally "bricking it" ... I know I would follow it through, and be the very thing to motivate me, but how massive .. eek!

     However, I did make a commitment to myself, and that was, no matter what, I'm going to give the training a go, even if I don't make it, and I will be following those who do with great interest.

    How fun image

    Oh, and go on, as I'm going to be 40 in 2011 ... how do you enter the ballot for next year?

  • Looking at this 100 word thing, Tele Savalas reckoned on a picture paints a 1000 words, no i am not that old before anyone says it.

    I heard it on the radio. And someone told me, and i read it somewhere, I think, no i didn't buy it.!!

  • 100 words is NOT enough lol. Oh well, application in image
  • Everybody's talking about posting tables - where are they? image (I'd like to take a look even though I'll be down at the bottom somewhere! image)
  • Application sent.  Much last minute panicking about what 'proper format' meant (and lots of use of format painter to make sure the formats were the same in mine as in the original!).  I have a nasty feeling they just meant in Word...  LOL

    Zed, I've put 6 hours too.  I did put I wouldn't mind if the Garmin sub 5 hour training plan got me under though!  It is feasable I'd be able to do that plan from where I am now, so who knows?  On the other hand if neither of us gets shortlisted we can both choose to believe that's why *G*

    Also hope they don't mind all the little bits I've put in other boxes that wouldn't fit in my 98 words...

    And I have never in my life looked at the posting tables.  So far anyway...

  • Rowan - stop flapping for Gawd's sake! Either they like you or they don't......image

  • LOL, I know!
  • I'm in! Just scraping in before the deadline as is usual for me. Never done a marathon before or anything approaching that kind of distance. I've done a couple of 5k's a 10k and a sprint triathlon this year (well i'm proud of myself ha ha). I know I've got a snowballs chance in hell of winning a place but to me it would be life changing and if I don't do it now I never will. If I can haul my rear round 26.5 miles of London's finest asphalt in less than 5 hours I can do anything!!!! Here's hoping!!!!
  • Entered image - thank heavens Word counts words for me.
  • When do we find out who is shortlisted???image
  • I have a sense they won't have as many applicants this year, but I could be wrong about that.

    It took forever last year.

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