Calling all Virgin London Marathon 2010 hopefuls



  • I'm going for it again. And if I don't get it, I'm voting for you Gladrags! Wotsit was a great inspiration last year. Good luck everyone.
  • 've had 5 ballot rejections in a row nad the VLM will be on my can they not shortlist meimage
  • Awesome oppotunity, will have to have a bash, and i have met Liz before so wouldnt miss it for the world.

  • I've applied for this too!  Have run twice before - would love the expert advice to get me over the line a bit quicker!
  • I never have any luck with stuff like this but hey the eternal optomist in me says you never know.

     And how fantastic  an opportunity would it be.

     Finger, toes, ears, crossed!

  • all those newbies to posting........I would recommend joining in some of the the marathon ones that are about your times etc or a race one that you are planning to do.......get used to the banter and make friends...........

    one of the conditions of entry are that you are happy to post away on the forums so you have a few days to show them that your not shyimage.

    If you read the last few pages of the thread you will see that they are friendly ( well the established ones are) and they will welcome you

    I would just avoid going straight in and starting a thread with one of the old debates like ipods or dogs etc or it might get a bit heated.

    Its exciting all this isn't itimage

  • Im in .......................must find a way of beating disapointing time this year !
  • I've entered it.  Got a marathon place so fingers crossed.  I heard over 1,000 applied last year.
  • Not for me thanks.image I'm trying to be diplomatic but I feel like Coops (but without the balls)image

    But Farnie would be a good choice so let's get behind her! image

  • I'd love to get behind Farnie. Especially if I can pull her hair and slap her arse at the same time.
  • I must be tired, that made me really laugh.

    (Sorry Farnie image) Obviously I am rooting for you image

  • I am going for it too this year.  I really need all the help I can get to go sub 4:30.  I know I haven't been on the forum much lately but I hope I will get some support image 

    (If I am lucky enough to get to the shortlist of course image)

  • If Farnie doesn't get chosen a fairy will die.


  • hi all

    what an opportunity

    why pass on it, if it is posible around your personal committments

    nothing better that having these people coach and advise you, running is not all just about putting one foot in front of the other for 26 miles

    anyone who thinks it is, i strongly suggest they think again

    plus, it may stand you in good stead to tackle a LONELY  rural ( all weather ) undulating - hilly marathon

    don't be nervous about it, or shy, or embarrased, these people regardless of how much they earn are trying to give a bit back to the sport

    most of these people would have clocked 100 - 140 miles PW in thier day

    i wish in my early days i'd had the tution and coaching that todays runners have, i USED to run around 80 -100 MPW icluding a FM or HM, though it's gone now  

     i had to find out everything for myself, ok, it's EASY for me to talk now, but it was'nt then i asssure you 

    I've just spent months coaching and advising my friend, talked her through her first FM , as i was'nt there, and  ran around her second FM all 26 miles of it

    she had no breath for anthying after 11 miles , 18 onwards was tough she said

    but now she's conquered these 2 FM's IF she ran London , ( The party ) she cruise it as it is a party

    go on, get your body in prestine condition , feel good REAL good

    good luck to you all

    Mick n Phil - well Mick anyway, phil just sites there image  

  • I have done FLM 5 times.   Including in 2008 as Little Miss Naughty.  It is time to learn to do it properly and do if for me not charity image
  • Ultra AJH wrote (see)

    I must be tired, that made me really laugh.

    (Sorry Farnie image) Obviously I am rooting for you image

    I think Coops is rooting too.  Or something similar.

    Meanwhile, back on topic... I did say last year I'd enter this year, so guess I'm going to...  I intend to carefully prepare my application though, so won't be imediate!

    I wonder if the weekday only folks are going to panic when they come in on Monday and find this up?  *EG*

  • This is an amazing opportunity, I'm giving it a go! Good luck everyone...I look forward to keeping up with the successful applicants .

  • Ive fertilised Farnie she gets my vote
  • I've decided to have a go this year.  As others have said, the opportunity to learn how to do it properly is too good to miss. 
  • This would be such a fantastic opportunity to acheive a lifetime ambition.  I can't imagine how good it would be to have someone who really understands what they are doing looking at your training schedule and telling you where you're going wrong (and wrong, and wrong and wrong!)

    I'm sure I could run that distance if I could sort out my pace (start like a greyhound, finish like a bulldog).  I've no idea how you even start fixing that for such a long race but presumably the experts do know.

    This has got to be worth a try and I'm only on my second ballot rejection so I'm still at least 3 years away from a place (that is assuming I can manage to get my VLM entry logged in the 18 seconds  that the online entry is open for.)

    Do the 'super six'  get to train together other than the 3 training events? 

    Here's hoping image

  • I've applied for this too - who knows you have to be in to win itimage
  • I've entered too, lets not tell anyone else about this, less entries increases our chances...
  • Blimey hello Hilly how are you?
  • Hi Hilly

    BR shot past us at Abo like lighteneing

  • Hi KK, I'm Colin and I'm from Yorkshire! 

    Go on I've got to do it, if you're not in you won't win, but anyone who doesn't want to enter that's fine by me image.

  • Hi GB and Mick.  GB back in Yorkshire now so not so many sightings of me in the Dorset area, although hope to still do a few races down there next year including March Hare 20.  How's your training going these days?

    Mick - he's unfortunately been carrying a niggle since then, but getting better each day.  When he went past you like lightning at 19 miles that was the last lightning he saw that dayimage

  • my training erm .....well you know ...........its erm why do you think Ive entered this competition need a kick in the @$$

    Im too busy with the Poole 10k is the usual excuse but Im just too de-motivated to train

  • Hi everyone,

     I've been reading some of what you all said about one post wonders and people joining just for the competition etc..

    I've been a member for a few months now since I decided to run a couple of half's, but I've never posted on the forums or anything.  Is there really that much bad feeling about newbies?

     Not sure I'd want to comit to writing a blog if I was going to get slaughtered for anything people don't agree with?

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