Calling all Virgin London Marathon 2010 hopefuls



  • There's likely to be one new-ish-comer. I just hope their grammar is good image
  • And they're unfamiliar with text speak.
  • I really would not worry about how many posts you may or may not have made.  As I understand it, RW are going to whittle down the entries to 18-24 and then people vote for the final 6 based on the cases people put forward, so people have the chance then to propose themselves based on a coherent, reasoned and appealing case to other forum users.
  • So let me get this right or is that write, you have to be able to spend a considerable time per week blogging, you need at least an A level in English, you have to be down with the kids and at some point go out for a run. And then you might still have no chance!
  • y J.  i m a gd rnr so i shld b pkd m8.


  • Has anyone ever done the Suicide Six?

    Is it worth doing just for a laugh? Or might it actually kill me?

  • haha, yes how annoying is that to read.

    Though to be honest, there doesnt seem to be much of that on these forums.

  • John Ford 5 wrote (see)
    , you have to be down with the kids
    I could well be wrong but my father used to use that expression, so I'm wondering if it's now out. Then again, maybe its come back  'b dwn wiv'.....  image
  • I am suitably chastened for even considering I could text speak (avoid shortening that for fear of another  shot across the "old" bows).  I might have to go for a run, less to think about!
  • I would love to be part of the Super 6 - it's an awesome opportunity.
    i know they have running experts & nutrionists - but do they have any bowels experts? Dunno about any other first time marathon hopefuls - but I'm pegging it already and it's 6 months away!
  • If it down to grammar then I might as well give upnowimage

    I think there is little text speak on here because we are all old sods..........youngsters are having to much fun partying to be interested in runningimage

    John don't run too far as you have to save your energy till your picked.image

    do you think that the voting will be a bit like X factor and we have a daily vote and one gets chucked off each day............

  • Ahh so most of the posters are older, thats good, whats X Factor?
  • Has it got anything to do with Max Factor?
  • Seren - Just teasing. I think you'd be a very well-deserving winner image
  • I'm just relieved this closes on Wednesday and short-listers told on Friday, and then winners 10 days after that?

    It's the only way to run a competition like this, the hope and excitement overboils at the idea image

  • Sounds like you are going to self-combust pete.

    Take an ice bath to cool down! 

  • In fact I hope I do win if Im to climb the most active members ladderimage
  • If it is based on the active members ladder I do not stand a chance as there are over 1,500 ahead of me..........

    .............still someone has to be at the bottom to make the others look so good!

  • trick to climb the most active ladder...................just do a review of gear and the next day you you will shoot up the table...............image

  • Thanks Seren, a nods as good as a wink to a blind man image
  • really?
  • yes...............i was in the hundreds till I reviewed some shoes and socks last week and suddenly I was at the top till lurker overtook me.............the guy who is 6th for the month has only ever posted 24 times but reviews kit.............

    its a mixed formula but is heavy biased towards kit reviews.................the all time list is more accurate to postingsimage

  • Now the cats out the bag I wonder how many reviews will stream in over the next couple of days?
  • This seems a better offer than the one offered on Virgin website, as I read that you have to promise to raise £500 for charity and pay the entry fee! Still you get to run alongside branson, thats unlucky
  • Jay Snizzel wrote (see)


    (and how we know there are some people on here who can talk - not looking in anyones direction LB image)

    Whatever do you MEAN Mr Snizzel?image
  • well, I entered days ago, but its now occurred to me with all this talking of having to follow strict training plans that I might be in a spot of trouble. If I was to miraculously get a spot, I have a two week holiday to florida booked in Jan.

    Admittedly I am going there specifically to run the disney goofy challenge, so I will be doing some running...

    A note to everyone who is reading but to nervous to post, please post. It took me a while to pluck up courage to post my first few times, but there are some great threads out there.  Last year I joined the Just Get Round thread, and met some lovely people. Turns out one lived around the corner, so we met up and did some training runs!!

    And its not just London Marathon threads either. The Bath Half thread has some very supportive runners too, they had to listen to all my blister woes last year.

  • I am really confused now, is it a compitition for a running event or to take on the eggheads. If it is on grammar and text talk i will struggle. I might not be too old to run, but i am for text stuff like m8, lol and omg.

  • 2 dayz 2 go...or should I say two days to go....image not long now

  • I want to do it so much need to run as fast as my husband!
  • Hmmm  I've just entered but wondering if I should have changed my username to Jedward to improve my chances?? (I noticed Colin from the North has already been taken......). image

    Noticed text speak seems to be an advantage but I'm thinking I could woo the judges with my impressive use of smilies image imageimageimageimage  or after a run image image image

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