Calling all Virgin London Marathon 2010 hopefuls



  • Just thought I'd share my pain and joy this morning. Ran (all the way) 16 miles on Sunday. Managed to crawl out of bed this morning and do a speedy session (for me) on my treadie.  after a lengthy warm up ran 1.25 miles at 6.2m/hr. woo hoo.

    nobody else understands this stuff.

  • Since this comeptition appeared I have moved from 14000 (somewhat close to the bottom of the member list) to 5000 something. Problem with being a watcher than a writer.

    Ang12 - lovely use of "too". For your grammer efforts you get my vote.

  • You're not getting mine Samoir!

    Grammar has two "A"'s.....imageimageimage

  • oh bum. I cannot believe I did that. How embarrersing (hee hee). Honest I can spell guv. It's the keyboard.
  • I registered on the forum last year sometime but I must admit to not posting very much (if at all image) and was just going to leave it totally to chance........

    But having read through the thread thought I had better post something.

    I am never going to win any competitions if they come down to the number of posts or if you have to be called Colin - but I do live in the North!

    I promise that if I win my posts will not ramble on too long and I will do my best to get my grammar correct.

    And if I win I will make the most of the experience because I will be doing it for all of us who entered but did not get shortlisted - I will not waste the chance!


  • image..........only one more day till the competeion closesimageimageimage

    I've been out training this morning will have to start posting to nick the baton off that LB...........she's been near the top for ages but I only got their recently.............Its not fairimageimageimage

    ( the number of posting you have or your position on the league table will not effect the voting honest...........simon said he would decide on who deserved it most.)image

  • Sam, can't believe people would so blatantly have a go at your grammer on here, or is gramma!  Do I get your support now?

    I'm not sure if being active on here and how high up that list really matters, or whether you're called Colin and live in the North, I'm not and I don't, but it has certainly generated quite a bit of activity and some funny comments.

    Of course it has also been a pleasure corresponding with the said very intelligent, extremely funny superb runners that make up the most Active members on this list  who of course will need to be voting soon.

  • So John do you like the taste of boot polish?  I am sure my shoes could do with a good clean if you want my voteimage
  • But have you noticed the more people post the more rubbish they writeimage
  • Feeling keen after this glimmer of hope RW /Lucozade has chucked our way i thought i'd pop out for a 10 miler this morning (on the off chance they decide an inexperienced newbie is worth short listing) - it seems my excessive over eating at GBK last night did me no favours and my nike plus chip has given up (although really it never started!). It kindly told me i ran 0.34m in an hour and a half which seems unbelievably slow....even for me!! I've had nothing but problems since i've started using it which makes tracking my distances very difficult... even more so when all you can think of is the big tin of cookies waiting at home for you. I need to up my motivation... anybody looking for a running partner in Cardiff? Or can recommend any good routes...the Taff Trail is becoming too famiar...!!

  • Dundee - boot polish makes your furry tongue shiny.image
  • How did you know about the state of my tongue?

    Seren - I am not sure anything has changed, most of my posts are rubbish, but if I win they will be full of pearls of wisdom that I gain from the wonderful training advice I receive, promise!

  • A chip in the foot is better than a chip on the shoulder… discuss!
  • You get one of those if you win the compition..........if you already have one then Petedaddy thern no point in you enteringimageimage
  • I'm not voting for KK - she has too many birthdays! image

    Samoir wrote (see)
    oh bum. I cannot believe I did that. How embarrersing (hee hee). Honest I can spell guv. It's the keyboard.

    Are you our beloved PM Samoir?image

  • Is anyone on here from northern Ireland and fancies a running buddy for the dark evenings? Better keep up the training on the off chance my pie in the sky dreams come through on getting chance to do lvm!!!
  • I can't believe this competition is making me feel just as nervous as waiting for the ballot results.  At least I don't have to check my bank statment every 5 minutes!
  • As nervy in fact as at the start of a race.  So how come we all do training runs all the time, yet when you go to a race you think you might not finish!  Or is that just me!
  • Given that you probably had far more chance of getting in by the ballot, is there much to be nervous about here?  You probably have as much chance of winning £90m on the Lotto, or do you get this nervous each time they draw the balls on the lottery as well?
  • I must be in with the luck I have had this last year and at my time of life the opportunities must be getting slimmer. Please Mr Lucozade you need someone from the beautiful Peak District in this, just think of the photo opportunities it would make as I run through Bakewell with a pudding in hand and head up the Monsal Trail with the beautiful Edges in the background of the picture........... AAhh well I can but dream.

    I will keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope...........


  • Filling in the questionnaire now.

    Struggling with my 100 words, though.

  • It's not easy to get what you want to say down to a hundred is it  Sheri image
  • I hope if we get short listed we get a chance to rewrite our 100 word pitch mine reads rather lame and dull
  • Actually I'm struggling to string two coherent thoughts together at the moment. image
  • I was relatively pleased with my 99 words, but struggled with my weaknesses, though having followed the thread on here for a few days I realise that I should have added weak on text speak, not enough product reviews etc, perhaps just generally being too shiny new, metaphorically speaking of course as some areas seemed to have dulled with age.  I think my grammar is ok but not sure if I could have added that to strengths!
  • I was good at weaknesses couldnt think of any strengths except Im sporting a rather dashing beard at the moment
  • At least my handwriting is better than our beloved PM. Anyhoo, am not a man. Am a chick. Now vote for me (well, if I get shortlisted).

    Totally agree - 100 words bit was a bit tricky. Trying to get something that is eye catching and not a total fib is quite hard. I couldn't even think of anything funny to write, so I added a joke to the email. How sad!

  • In fact, perhaps I will be like the PM...get in VLM by default. No public vote required image
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