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I ran my first ever marathon in 2003 in 4hrs 48 minutes. I finished with no pain and complaints at all. However, 5 days later after a day of decorating I was struck with a really bad pain in my knee, the pain got worse especially walking downstairs and just continued.

Frustratingly enough I havent been able to exercise since. I have never had arthritis before at all but my Dad does suffer from it. My Doctor is referring me but is adamant that this is what it is.

Has anyone had anything similiar like this, or has any advice. I am a really active person and it has really got me down to find out that I can no longer run and be as active as I once was..!



  • Hey, don't worry so much. If you have arthritis, either osteo or rheumatoid there is no reason why you can't keep on running, You may just have to slow it down and listen to your aches and pains.

    Did he say what type he thought it might be???

    If he suspects rheumatoid, you're in for a shaky time, but with the right medication, a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude you can carry on. You will just have to be patient with yourself. But it can be vicious.

    Osteo-arthritis is a different bag. It can also cause massive problems, but I believe there is a lot of help out there.

    If he's right, try the following, and don't give in:

    Find yourself a damn good physio
    Try acupuncture for pain relief
    Have regular massages - rheumatoid will affect the muscles so try to keep them unknotted
    Try yoga - it's important to keep supple
    Research your condition, you need to be able to sort out the fact from the fiction cos everyone will be giving you advice, not least your GP who is not an expert (sorry to any GPs out there, but it's true)
    For information on arthritis try:
    there's also arthritis care, and loads more, including helpline numbers so you can off load to people who know exactly what you're going through.

    Good luck x

  • Lanky Limper - Thanks for your advice that's really helpful.! I think that he said that it's rheumatoid as that's the specialist that I am going to see, but, I will wait and see what the verdict is.

    Thanks for your help.
  • No worries - keep in touch.
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