Great Bentley Half Marathon



  • Hi Pab

     thanks for your vote of confidence, still havent put in yet and havent even checked whether there are still places as it is a long way for me and the hubby + supporters to come if cancelled so looking a little closer to home namely the roding valley 1/2 marathon.

     Many thanks


  • Another couple to consider are Watford half in February and Brentwood in March although that may be full now.  Dartford half would be easy for you to get to although thay's not till July.
  • Yep we'e been told Brentwood is full.  Although Brentwood is one 1/2 I do not like and have done it 3 times.

    Fingers crossed the weather buggers off and this does go ahead.  I just need to try and train, dreadmill is doing my head in, the gym has never seen so much of me before. image

  • Buggeration. Too late to enter, already full. Ran last year and really enjoyed the route.

     Anyone know if there's a chance to sneak in on a cancellation?

  • This will be my second time at Great Bentley and looking forward to it but as not the fastest of runners I kinda depend on my ipod for beat and motivation as there can be huge stretches alone.  Is it definitely the case that ipods are banned??  Do I have a medal to look forward to as a momento this year as opposed to a beanie hat ?  Little things I know but big things for the more amateur and aspirational runner!
  • hey guys

    i bit the bullet and thought i would enter but left it too late and had to go on the cancellations list just had confirmation today that i am in this has left me with 1week and 6days to train image

    to say i feel stupid and completly undertrained is an understatement

    at the moment i am up to 6miles in 57:57 i did 9miles sat in 1hr 48 and in the last 2 1/2 miles i kinda run/walked/jogged, running club is helping me tremendously

    i just hope i do myself and the run justice and i am going for 3hours or less

  • Muppley, how do you get onto the cancellations list?
  • i went on the events list on here emailed the contact at the bottom he mailed me a application form and told me it wasnt a guarantee of a place i sent the form back with payment and i got a mail today to say yes. i do believe tomorrow is the absolutly last cut off day so be quick!
  • Thanks Muppley.
  • Didn't make it. Have fun boys and girls. See you next year.
  • results are on the gbrc website

     hope you all got new pbs

    and i hope that you all enjoyed our race,


  • Hope you found the SafetyWraps a useful addition to the goody bag.
  • gb half was my first ever running race,  and thought it was  great  , thanks to  all 
  • we even had small hairy chimps trained to man some of the water stations hey P.A.B..........which if any one is wondering stands for Plump And Baldie...............................i hope you all had a good race as the marshalls were freeeeeezing........
  • So were some of the runners image - great marshalls, good course, weather as always in Bentley too bleeding cold.

    If I do this again will bring more clothes with me.

  • Great event, well marshalled, well organised, generous goody bags and a PB to boot! My only grumble was the lack of showers.
  • is this on again in 2011?
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