Emailed Foska - they haven't bothered to reply

Hi all,

A quick question about a lady possibly wearing a men's Foska vest.

I'm looking at buying 2 vests for the Goofy at Walt Disney World in 2010. I emailed Foska with a question but they havn't replied. Just wondering if one of you might know the answer to my question.

I'm female and their women's vests only go up to a 16. I'm a 16 in 'normal' clothes but I've heard the vests are snug. I really like running gear to be loose partly for comfort and partly to help with the Florida heat and humidity.

I emailed them asking about the men's vests. I'm only 5'4 and was wondering whether a man's one would be too long. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a nightshirt.

Also sometimes men's vest armholes are too large and I end up flashing more than I'm comfortable with!

Are there any ladies on here  who've had a men's Foska vest who could comment on my question? Maybe you've ordered one yourself or maybe your husband/boyfriend have one and you could have a quick look at it for me. I'd be really grateful for any replies.




  • I wear Foska vests. I'm reasonably slim (I hope!) with chest measurement about 39 inch and waist about 33. For me the medium size is just right. Armholes are not large, in fact the fit is quite snug to the armpits and quite high cut at the front. Not overly long and a snug fit overall.

    They used to sell the vests as unisex but I notice recently they've set up separate sections for women's and men's vests. I don't know if there is any real difference in the styling or cut. My vests are a year or two old, mind, so they might have changed something since then.

    Being a chap I have no idea what size 16 means in real life. But in my experience the sizing is true or slightly conservative for men, at least.

    Hope this helps!

  • I wear foska (see avatar) but my vest was a unisex XS and is a bit big on me.The arm holes aren't gaping as Muttley says, but quite high up.

    As for the length, I'm assuming the unisex are the same as the male size so it would be longer than a female version. Mine just covers my bum which is perfect length, so not like a nightshirt.

    Maybe go for a male vest in medium?

  • WDW - Not sure if you have done Disney before BUT, when I did it last year it was very cold at the start and a vest may not neccesarily be the best idea.

    The race starts in the dark at 6 am and it was around 4 degrees at the start, I finished at 10.30 and it was 75 degrees.

    I wore a long sleeved adidas climacool top, this works well as it keeps you warm for the cold part and then wicks the sweat away and stops the potential sunburn once the sun is up at 7.30, there is not much shade on the course.

  • I have a bones vest too, Siance. And Heinz Baked Beans, and Dennis the Menace, and Marmite!

    Must get the Cornish flag design if it makes it to the vests.

  • JPenno - I did Disney last Jan. Just the full not Goofy. I had a Primark  fleece which I wore for about the first half mile and then chucked. I wore a Ron Hill women's vest but just fancied a change this year. I'm quite warm blooded. I'd overheat in a long sleeved top to be honest.

    Muttley - thanks for the info. the issue really for me is that the chest size is easy to work out but if the vest is long then hip measurements come into play! Any 40 to 42 chest measurement clothes are just right for baggyness eg T shirts.

    Thanks for the armhole info Siance.

    I'm not sure they do unisex any more there just seems to be womens and mens.

  • Thanks for the replies folks.
  • I have a womens one and my boyfriend has a mens one. The mens one definitely has larger armholes and is cut away more at the back, so I reckon the must have changed the cut a bit since introducing separate women's sizes.

     I'm a size 10/12 in normal clothes and the womens 10 fits me fine. My boyfriend's medium is mahoosive on me.

  • Cheers Lisa I appreciate you taking the time to reply. It sounds like the 16 might be OK from what you say.
  • For future reference, I bought a Foska running vest (man's), size medium. My chest measurement is 35" and I'm 1.80m tall. The cut is way too high so it really digs into the armpits which is no good for marathon running as it has to be friction free and the length was OK, but not long.  So I'm changing to go for an XL size instead.

    It's hard to understand why there seems to be little else on offer in terms of interesting designs. image

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    Being a chap I have no idea what size 16 means in real life.

    Don't worry .. I'm a woman and I have no idea what these 'strange' sizes mean .. it just depends on how the designer wanted the garment to fit as to how many inches/cms you get across the chest in each size .. I have clothes that are at least 4 sizes different yet all measure just  the same  !!

    When will womans clothes manufacturers give us honest chest measurements instead of these ridiculous 'means nothing' sizes .. PAH!!

    I cannot buy clothes these days unless I take my own tape measure with me and actually measure the flippin' garments .. image

  • I have a foska womens and I am normallt a 12 on top but had to have the 14 and to be honest given the choice I would have gone for a 16.  I think they come up quite snug.  I was thinking of going for a mens one next time.  They are good though as I sent mine back for the larger size with no trouble or fuss.
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