Haltemprice 10k

Anyone know if this is happening, or where to get info from? Haltemprice Sprts Centre think it is happening, but have no info!
Any thoughts on the Bridlington Half Mara (13th Oct)? I survived the Lockington Half earlier this month - is Brid easier (its gotta be cooler!)?
For the benefit of the uninitiated, these places are in East Yorkshire!


  • Hi Mike , I work just down the road from Halteprice sports centre. good to know I'm not the only runner in E Yorks with internet access. Have you tried www.thisishull.co.uk ?
  • Thanks Merc - will give it a go. I'm only online at the office at present, and working from home a fiar bit, so my contributions might be intermittent. Slightly disappointed not to have heard anything from anyone re the 10k - hope it is still going, as I did it 2 years ago and it was a nice event.

    You a serious runner? I've returned to jogging after a fourteen year lay off! Formerly a sub-85 min Half Mar runner - now a would-be sub-105 min for the Brid Half! Fourteen years of excessive eating, drinking and smoking not ideal training, I feel.

    Happy running.


  • I mainly run for the enjoyment (?!) However its my goal to do the GNR in 2003 so I'm slowley working up to it !
  • Apologies for delay - I've been away from the office.

    I've got mixed feelings about such a huge event, but GNR sounds fun - staggered through the last coupld of miles of the Lockington Half M with a bloke who was off to the north east for GNR this month. Great target for you.

    Still haven't found anything out re the Haltemprice 10k but will ask at Simply Running when next I'm in town.

    Happy running.

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