Is Running Adictive When.......



  • Sam Panther wrote (see)

    In the past I got the bus to work and run home after work. Does that count? 

    Cozee wrote (see)

     I often run home from work (but it's only five miles).  

    I run after work 2 times a week.  On a direct route its only 3.5 miles, but last week my run after work was 9.5m.  I find the key to maintaining this is to have different routes (mine vary from 5 to 10 miles) and remember you aren't really running home, you are going for a run which just happens to finish at home.

  • I just heard Wilf Self on the radio talking about his airport walks.  He's walked from central London to Heathrow.  Walked from JFK to Manhattan and other airport to city routes.   This could be an interesting concept for a long distance runner (but not me of course)
  • carry a memory stick around with you with your MicroSoft Excel Running Log spreadsheet on it.
  • Whilst training for the Devil o the Highlands i would take the train to a stop 20 miles from home, as the crow flies, but about 35 by the time i visited any points of interest along the way.

    My thinking is, if its 20 miles to get home i have no choice but to run it, if i'm feeling good then i can make the route more interesting and extend the run. I take any oppertunity i can to run somewhere different as this keeps it interesting and me motivated. 

  • Running is addictive...

    When you're walking, and wonder what your pace per mile is.

    When you climb 10 flights of stairs instead of taking the lift, to get your legs up to lactate threshold.

    When you go on holiday to a hot country, you take your running gear because "It'll be good to get some hot weather training in."

    When the only reason you're recognized in Halls is because "You're that runner dude."

    When you become friends with people that you've only ever seen at races.

    When the people at your local running shop recognize you on sight, because you're in there so often.

    When this is your most commonly visited websiteimage

  • When you can easily convert km into miles and vice versa

    When you encourage newbies to do a 5k because it's only 3 miles.

  • I once caught the train to a station 12 miles from home because I kept wimping out of long runs. Took no money with me so had no choice but to keep going. Also was going out in the evening which meant that I had to keep up a decent pace. Even so it took me about 2 hours but it was worth it.
  • This sounds like a good idea! I think I am going to struggle with motivation when my 'long' runs need to start getting longer. I like the 'get a train and no money' plan!

    I keep my horse about 8 miles from home, and was thinking that when I get up to that sort of distance I may run back from the yard to home after riding at a weekend. Would either need to get husband to drop me off or take me back for car later. Or actually, seeing as we tend to go up together a lot anyway, and are both training for the same half marathon, maybe one of us could drive the car there and run back, and the other could run there and drive back! Or we could drive up and run back together and then go back for the car later as we have 2 cars!
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