Herbert's Hole 10K

How tough is this race? My 15 year old step daughter is running this, and wants to know how hard it will be. And what the hills and terrain is like. I know Chesham well as I grew up there but I'm not sure where the route will take them, apart from up and back down the park and through Herbert's hole. And I have been on the Fetch site and they say the distance is 10.5k. Are the right?    


  • has no one run this before?
  • I am running it, but never before
  • It's good to know we wont be the only people down there. Thats if we make it, 2 of our kids have colds, so might not get to the race. But hopefully Jade and her dad will still be there. looks like it's going to be very muddy  and wet.   
  • WE will be there, Jade had a good race at the Lord Mayor show this morn, and is looking forward to tomorrow. That might change when she realises it's a cross country race and very hilly. We won't tell her that till just before the start HAHA.
  • bajaysus

    i have never done over an hour for a 10k before!!

    still, amazed i didn't fall over
  • Help, I'm still stuck in the mud, can someone come and get me!
  • That was one muddy race. Everyone's legs was plastered. Jade was swearing at us for entering her in the race, and that was before she had got out of the park. She finished in 59.00, to claim the prize for first female junior. She was very pleased with the £25 prize.
  • Was Jade wearing odd socks and a red sripe top? If so, she swore at you at the 4km mark but was smiling at the 8!  If it was her she ran extremely well.
  • Can anyone tell me how to compare this to a time for a normal 10k race - or is that a futile thing to do?
  • Yes that was Jade, she certainly knows how to swear, I would have said that was more like 1.5 km than 4.  It was her perents she swore at. I was standing about 25 meters before them in a back and yellow Pittsburgh Steelers jacket. She wasn't smiling at the finish when I pointed my camera at her I got told where to go. By the time we had had a drink in the football club she was smiling again. It's amazing how a first place prize can bring such a big smile to soneones face.

    Jade ran a hilly on road 9.5 km at buckingham a couple of weeks ago in 46 minutes, this race was about a km futher. you can normally add on about 1 minute a mile for an off road race.  

     Did you finish just behind Jade. Just wondering  as we were talking to a man in the car park before the race, who may have been the dad of the girl who jade finished in front of.

  • I came in at 58 mins.  Minute a mile is good for me! I passed Jade a couple oftimes during teh race. Wasn't me in tehcar park - wrong sex!
  • I said a minute a mile this morning, but thinking about the conditions and the time jade ran, you could probibly knock a bit more time off. You could probibly run a  hilly road 10k in about, 47 minutes and knock a bit more off for a flat one. So now you have a time to aim for see how you get on.  
  • Thanks.  I'm aiming for a sub 50 10k as a PB this year .... in order top try for a sub 4 marathon.  It's been a bit elusive in the past few years, but I'm fitter than I have been. So, does running run in teh family? How did you get jade started? Got any suggestions for what age to start them?
  • Yes running runs in the family, It was at Pednor 5 that I first meet Sharon then we bumped in to each other at a couple of other races, and became good friends. Becouse we meet through running and it plays such a big part in our lives we named our 21 month old, Asics.

    Jade started running fun runs at races Sharon was doing,and then went onto join Hillingdon AC. 

    Vale of Aylesbury AC will allow kids from the age of nine to train with them. At that age they try to make it more fun than proper training. Get in touch with your local club and see if they have a youth program. How old are your kids?

  • Sounds as if too young - eldest is 7.

    You know anything about the pednor 10 - is it a tough one?

  • THey maybe a bit young, but at that age they probably do a log of running around anyway.

    The pednor 10 is 2 laps of the pednor 5. Running anticlockwise around the pednors. you ran part of the course in the Hurberts hole race, but the wrong way. You go up the on road  hill you ran  down and  down the up. and theer is another good hill you run twice. So it's mainly flat with 4 hills.

  • Flat with four hills is not flat! I grew up in East Anglia - a place where the hills get in the way of the views!
  • Believe me, I'm not tyring to be bigheaded but  compared to some of the races i've run 4 hills in 10M is quite flat.

    Where are you from I might be able to tell you about some good races in your area.

  • Bang in teh middle of Cambridge. Now based Watford.  I'm looking for a decent flat 10k in January in Herts ...
  • The sparks 10k is flat. It's too laps around Dorney lake at Windsor. I can't say it's a good race as I know some runners say it is very boring running a round a flat lake. But it's fast and miht be what you are looking for.  
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