Mizuno Wave Goodbye

I'm an Asics man through and through but Mizuno always seem to get good reviews so I thought I'd give the competition a go. I picked up a Mizuno catalogue at this years London Marathon Fair and decided to give the Wave Precision a go. I've been very happy with them and am now in the market for a pair or racing shoes. The Wave Goodbye look like the right shoe for me but I can't find them in any of the online stores. Has anyone seen them for sale anywhere??


  • Come on Simon, theres a customer waiting...

  • Have a look at http://www.startfitness.co.uk/ they have them on special offer at the moment

  • Sparky,

    We actually have the following sizes in stock in the UK,

    6,6.5,7,7.5,8 & 9.

    Any store that has a Mizuno account has the ability to special order a pair in if you are any of the above sizes.

    Otherwise Running Bear in Alderley Edge, ordered the shoe so they might also still have some stock.

    Good Luck !
  • I've just checked Start Fitness and they only have very small sizes. Is the Wave Ediken an alternative for a medium build runner looking for neutral cushioning and a responsive ride?

    Thanks for the reply Mr Mizuno. I live in the wilds of Shropshire and buy all my gear through the web and mail order. Can you suggest someone???


  • Oops. Don't worry!! I've just found the Running Bear website. Cunningly disguised under the name www.runningbear.co.uk!!
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