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Just wondering if anyone has some advice re: women's trail running shoes.  I'm running all 7 stages of the Endurancelife coastal trail series this year (in the half marathon category) and I've really struggled to find trail shoes that work for my feet!  After running the first race this weekend in road shoes and sliding everywhere - I really need to get some trail shoes sorted!

I normally run in Saucony Hurricanes - these seem perfect for my feet.  My local running shop has a pretty limited selection of trail shoes.  I tried on some Asics, Adidas and Salomons - settled on the Salomons only to find they gave me horrible blisters when I ran more than a couple of miles in them.  They don't stock Saucony shoes there at all image but am wondering if I should look for some of Saucony's trail shoes. 

Any advice???


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    I run in Hurricanes for the road and Asics trabuco offroad (both womens versions), but to be honest I was sliding all over the place in the mud with the offroad shoes last year at the EL races ...I think sections of it needed spikes!!

    I over-pronate ...which is why I use Hurricanes for the road.  And the Trabuco model were / are one of the few trail shoes built with stability in mind.  I've had three pairs now, first and current version have been excellent - no blisters at all...but the last model were terrible.

     I think lots of these things are trial and (expensive) error.  F.Y.I... I've been ill advised by two 'specialist' running shops  (maybe I'm unlucky)  but just remember there aren't really any guarantees with any that you decide on or are advised on.

  • Salomon Speed Cross 2 were the first shoes I had that didn't cause blisters. I buy from Wiggle who deliver next day (even if you don't pay the extra) and are great on returns
  • Take a look at this link: It will definitely help you.
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