Lincoln Wellington AC 5k Summer Series - Race 1

So who's going to come to Lincoln next week and run in this pleasant evening race?

Bargain price, but no thrills, and if fit, a fast time a possibility.

Definitely worth doing.


  • Pat and the kids are doing it but I'll be at Rockingham (bit naughty missing my own club's race, but I'll live with it).
  • Skidpan. Are the kids doing the full distance this year, or the 3K? Tell Pat, I'll see her there. Enjoy Rockingham.
  • They're both doing the 5k, which they'll certainly enjoy more.

    My trip to Rockingham is in doubt because of my cold/breathing thing which seems to be getting worse. I may be at the 5k after all.
  • I'm going to give this race series a go.
  • Rickster, Jaydee will be joining us there too.
  • Big Dicko - is Little Dicko doing it as well?
  • Looks like it could be a good turn out then. Thought it was a little dissapointing numbers wise last year.
  • Skidpan-little Dicko is not allowed out to play.
  • Poor chap - has he been naughty?
  • I'll be there tonight after all.

    I know what the cause of the breathing problem was - but I'll probably just plod around at the back of the field.
  • Oh goody. Will see you tonight then. Can the problem be sorted out easily?
  • First run in a Boston and District AC vest tonight. Will I get lynched?
  • The problem was two lots of medication 'clashing' with each other.

    You may not get lynched but we might just not talk to you.
  • Goodness. And no one realised? Glad my colleagues in the NHS are as with it as ever.

    Please talk to me oh very nice LW people. I only went there because I work in Boston more than Lincoln these days. A lot more.
  • Just goes to show I should only talk to the nurses and not the GPs!!!

    Obviously we'll talk to you if you throw vast amounts of money at us - or maybe just the £3.50 entry fee for the race.

    See you later.
  • Yes, nurses fab :-) Especially Children's Nurses.

    Well, will be a bit more than £3.50 if I manage to actually do the series and not get injured this year after the first one!
  • Results from last night's races are now available here

    Big Dicko - did Jim D run last night. If so, is he one of the 'unknown's in the results?
  • Nice prompt results. Shame mine are wrong!!! Made my time 6 seconds faster. Still never mind, didn't get under 20 minutes as hoped anyway.

    What crappy weather Skidpan. Sort it out for the next one will you.

    Thanks to the marshalls and organisers for getting wet too. Well beyond the call of duty.

    Nice to see all the LW guys, who did talk to me after all!

    Simon, how did you get on? Were you pleased?
  • Personally I thought the weather was ideal. I ran a lot better than I had done on Sunday but clearly way off what I would deem to be OK.

    Which way do you think your results were wrong - were you faster or slower than the results said?
  • Faster, by six seconds I think. I did 20.17 on my watch.

    I hate running in the rain, although it's easier with contact lenses. I noticed you were sans specs as well.
  • I couldn't see a damn thing at Louth last week cos I'd forgotten the lenses so I made a point of remembering last night. Just as well that I did!
  • With all that rain it meant that my glasses soon got steamed up, but it was ideal weather for keeping cool whilst running. It's an ideal mid week race distance though.
  • Rickster - I agree. Running in that sort of damp weather is great for keeping cool. Softy fair-weather runners like FS should toughen up ;-)

    Updated results are available here
  • Well, I'm a southerner you see. Right Jessie.
  • Just like my kids (Essex girl and boy).

    How's your knee FS?
  • Hi Simon. Well, touch wood, not too bad. Just back from a decent paced (for me) 4 miler. Well strapped up, and it did twinge a little, but it held out OK. Iced it when I got home too. Fingers crossed now.
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